Riva del Garda to Host 2023 Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships

By | 25 Feb, 2023

The world of triathlon is eagerly anticipating the 2023 Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon European Championships, set to take place in the beautiful Italian Trentino province. The event, which will follow the World Triathlon/Europe Triathlon standards, rules, and regulations for all categories, including Elites, U23, Junior, AG, and Paratriathlon, is slated for September 7-10, 2023.

The championships will be organized by a joint venture between two triathlon teams, Flipper Triathlon ASD and TriSwimGardaTrentino ASD, in cooperation with the Italian Triathlon Federation. With Flipper Triathlon bringing its experience in international triathlon organization and TriSwimGardaTrentino ASD providing local expertise, the cooperation between the two teams and the federation will ensure the required standard of organization as required from Europe Triathlon.

Located between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, Riva del Garda is the ideal host for the championships. This charming town is the epicenter of Garda Trentino and offers a wealth of activities and attractions, including climbing and windsurfing, art exhibitions and open-air concerts, cheese tastings, and winery visits. The town’s rugged cliffs rise up to the fortress of “Il Bastione,” whose gray stone walls proudly watch over the lively community below.

The entry fees for the Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon championships are as follows, according to bid guidelines: Elite-U23-Age Group: €uro 90,00; Junior: €uro 85,00; Paratriathlon: €uro 85,00. The event promises to be a thrilling and competitive one, with athletes from around the world vying for the coveted title of Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon champion.

As the event draws near, organizers, athletes, and fans alike are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to experience the excitement and beauty of the 2023 Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships in Riva del Garda. With the cooperation of two experienced triathlon teams and the Italian Triathlon Federation, the championships are sure to be a success and a highlight of the triathlon calendar.