The appearance of impropriety can be as damaging as actual impropriety to Europe Triathlon’s reputation. As a result, this policy is designed in such a way that compliance therewith will avoid, to the fullest practicable extent, both the perception and incidence of improper situations. A substantial appearance of a Conflict of Interest/Loyalty exists whenever others may reasonably infer from the given circumstances that a conflict exists.

A Conflict of Interest/Loyalty is defined as any personal or financial relationship that could influence or be perceived to influence objectivity when representing or conducting business or other dealings for or on behalf of Europe Triathlon. These relationships include the individual directly involved in the decision making, friends* or family members of the individual. Family members include a spouse, parent, child or spouse of a child, sibling, spouse of a sibling, cohabitating companion or any other individual with a significant familial or familial-like relationship.

Individuals can easily become biased, having unfair preferences, for many reasons. Biased decisions can unfairly benefit the individual decision maker, friends, family, business partners or others within their sphere of influence. Biased decisions are not limited to financial gain. Other examples include decisions that influence race day, social, prestige, position or power gain. 

In a relatively small sport conflict of interest and or conflict of loyalty is likely to occur and this is not in itself a problem. However, conflicts must be managed appropriately to avoid perceived or actual bias and safeguard the integrity of the organisation.

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Conflict of Interest Declarations

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The Europe Triathlon Executive Board is comprised of nine elected members from across Europe working together to effectively govern the organisation.

  • President                                             Renato Bertrandi
  • Vice-President                                    Chris Kitchen
  • Vice-President                                    Martin Breedijk
  • Treasurer                                             Alicia García Pérez
  • Executive Board Member                  Caterina Vacchi 
  • Executive Board Member                  Herwig Grabner 
  • Executive Board Member                  Galina Shipovalova 
  • Executive Board Member                  Pascal Salamin 
  • Executive Board Member                  Ola Silvdahl


  • Secretary General - appointed          Kathleen Smet 

Committee/Commission Members?Working Groups