It’s nearly time for the 2024 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships in Coimbra!

By | 13 Jun, 2024

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as Coimbra, the enchanting city along the Mondego River, hosts the 2024 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships from June 14th to 23rd. As the former capital of Portugal and home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the University of Coimbra, this city blends historic grandeur with modern vibrancy.

Renato Bertrandi, President of Europe Triathlon, and Mayor José Manuel Silva extend a warm welcome to athletes from across Europe. They highlight Coimbra’s rich history and vibrant culture, from its mediaeval streets and historic cathedrals to its scenic green spaces and unique Fado music. They promise an event that combines fierce competition with the chance to explore a city renowned for its hospitality and charm.

The Championships will feature a variety of events for different categories and age groups, including Duathlon Sprint, Duathlon Standard, Cross Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon, and Middle Distance Triathlon and Aquabike. With events kicking off with the Parade of Nations on June 14th and continuing with daily competitions, there’s something for every athlete and fan to look forward to.

Here’s a glimpse of the schedule:

- June 14th: Parade of Nations and Opening Ceremony at 18:00
- June 15th: Duathlon Sprint starting at 08:00
- June 16th: Duathlon Standard beginning at 10:00
- June 18th: Cross Duathlon from 09:00
- June 20th: Cross Triathlon kicking off at 09:00
- June 21st: Aquathlon at 10:00
- June 22nd: Middle Distance Triathlon starting at 07:30 and Middle Distance Aquabike at 12:30

The detailed schedules for each race category ensure that all participants are well-informed and prepared for their respective events.

Adding to the excitement, this event also marks the official launch of the Nation Stars Tour, a premier European triathlon series dedicated to age group athletes. Following a successful event in Alsdorf, the tour now continues in Coimbra. The Nation Stars Tour includes championship events in four memorable locations: Alsdorf, Coimbra, Almere, and Vichy, offering not only challenging races in various formats but also rich cultural experiences. This initiative provides a unique opportunity for athletes to compete in their national team colours and vie for official European titles, promising a memorable and exhilarating experience for all!

Sérgio Dias, President of the Federação de Triatlo de Portugal, reminds us that this event is not just about winning but also about sportsmanship and creating lasting memories. The scenic courses, from the pristine Mondego River to the picturesque countryside, provide a perfect backdrop for this grand sporting event.

We wish all athletes the best of luck and encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of camaraderie. Enjoy your time in Coimbra, a city that will leave a lasting impression on your hearts and minds. Welcome to the 2024 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships and the Nation Stars Tour! For more information and updates, visit the official event website and

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