Poissy and Outsystems Olìmpico de Oieras are golden in Alhandra

By | 02 Nov, 2021

This weekend the city of Alhandra has been hosted the World Triathlon Para Cup on Saturday and on Sunday the Mixed Relay Club Championships.





The Poissy Triathlon dominated the top step of the podium, followed by Metz Triathlon and the German team DSW 1912 Darmstadt e.V. Triathlonabteilung climbed on the last step of the podium.The Poissy triathlon team was composed by: Lea Coninx, Yann Allichon, Natalie Van Coevorden ,Anthony Pujades.The Metz Triathlon team was composed by: Zsanett Bragmayer, Maxime Hueber-Moosbrugger, Jeanne Lahair, Nathan Guerbeur. The DSW 1912 Darmstadt e.V. Triathlonabteilung team was composed by: Jule Behrens, Henry Graf, Lucie Kammer, Mika Noodt.

The weather wasn’t really kind to the athletes in Alhandra, and for the super-sprint format, it wasn’t warm enough for a non-wetsuit swim. All athletes wore wetsuits, usually in Portugal there is no bad weather, but we were unlucky, it was cold and raining. The elite race started at 11:45, 5 minutes ahead of the Juniors. In the elite race the first fractionist who got out of the water was Zsanett Bragmayer from France, followed by Lea Coninx from France. The third girl who came out of the water was Jule Behrens from Germany who passed the baton to her teammate Henry Graf; who had a spectacular race chasing the French opponents and getting the better of them, passing in front as leader. The third fractionist of the French Metz team was Jeanne Lehair, who took the lead and changed over to her teammate Nathan Guerbeur. Which was immediately caught in the swim by the last fractionist of team Poissy, Anthony Pujades. The French team Poissy then took the win in this years Mixed Relay Club Championships, with a total time of 1:23:08. Congratulations!


In the junior race the portuguese team Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras won the title. The team was composed by: Beatriz Nunes Santos, Antonio Vaz, Matilde Silva Santos, Alexandre Montez. The French Metz Triathlon team took second place and was composed by: Léonie Douche,Nathan Simionato, Appoline Foltz,Theotime Lawson. Third place was conquered by CT Diablillos de Rivas from Spain: Alejandra Martìnez Gonzàlez, Pelayo Gonzàlez Turrez, Lucia Acosta Suarez, Jorge Figueras Marquez.

The first fractionist of the Portuguese team, Beatriz Nunes Santos came out of the water first followed by the Spanish athlete Alejandra Martìnez Gonzàlez. The French athlete Leonie Douche, who came out of the water third, caught her opponents on the bike and changed over in first position, putting the Metz team in the lead. The second French fractionist Nathan Simionato, however, is caught in the swim by the Spanish athlete Pelayo Gonzalez Turrez, coming out of the water two seconds ahead of Portuguese athlete’s Antonio Vaz. Spanish athlete Lucia Acosta Suarez is then caught by Matilde Silva Santos and Appoline Foltz. Theotime Lawson, the last French fractionist is then caught by the last Portuguese fractionist Alexandre Montez. The race ends with the victory by the Portuguese team Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras with a total time of: 1:28:43.

The athletes defended themselves well, even in bad weather. This penultimate race weekend has also been concluded, see you with the last race of the season in Quarteira, also in Portugal, hoping for better weather. Stay tuned!

Many congratulations to all the athletes for their achievements!

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31 Oct, 2021 • event pageall results
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Poissy Triathlon FRA 01:23:08
2. Metz Triathlon FRA 01:23:31
3. DSW 1912 Darmstadt e.V. Triathlonabteilung GER 01:24:03
4. Triathlon team Potsdam GER 01:25:00
5. Issy Triathlon FRA 01:26:02
6. CT Diablillos de Rivas ESP 01:26:19
7. Saltoki Trikideak ESP 01:26:24
8. Triathlon Club Liévin FRA 01:26:35
9. Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras POR 01:27:47
10. ATRIAC-6D Sports Nutrition BEL 01:29:04
Results: Mixed Junior Relay
1. Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras POR 01:28:43
2. Metz Triathlon FRA 01:28:48
3. CT Diablillos de Rivas ESP 01:31:14
4. Sport Lisboa e Benfica POR 01:33:25
5. Saltoki Trikideak ESP 01:33:49
6. Alhandra Sporting Club POR 01:33:54
7. Triathlon Club Chateauroux Metropole 36 FRA 01:35:25
8. Trispeed Mamer LUX 01:41:17