Europe Triathlon Mixed Relay Club Championships in Alhandra

By | 27 Oct, 2021

This weekend the city of Alahndra will host the Mixed Relay Club Championships. The Race Venue is located in DownTown Alhandra, a village 25km northeast of Lisbon Center with the swimming taking place in the “Tagus River”, and the biking and running along the river banks,passing some of the city’s main attractions.

Athletes briefing will be virtual and it will take place on Friday, 29th of October, at 16:30 local time. Please register for the athletes’ briefing under:                         

The program will be structured in this way:

Friday, October 29th

08:00 – 10:00 Covid 19 Antigenic Test Race Venue

10:15 –11:15 Swim Course Familiarization Race Venue

11:30 – 12:15 Bike Course Familiarization Race Venue

12:15 – 13:00 Run Course Familiarization Race Venue

15:30 Paratriathlon Online Briefing

Saturday, October 30th

12:00 Paratriathlon Start (PTS5-M) Race Venue

12:05 PTS2/3/4 -M Start Race Venue

12:50 PTWC1-M Start Race Venue

12:51 PTWC1-W Start Race Venue

12:53:08 PTWC2-M Start Race Venue

12:55:04 PTWC2-W Start Race Venue

14:30 Paratriathlon Medal Ceremony Race Venue

17:00 Paratriathlon Start (PTVI1-M) Race Venue

17:01 PTVI1-W Start       Race Venue

17:03:21 PTVI2/3-M Start Race Venue

17:04:48 PTVI2/3-W Start Race Venue

17:10 PTS2/3/4/5-W Start Race Venue

18:30 Paratriathlon Medal Ceremony Race Venue

Sunday, October 31st

11:45 Elite Start Race Venue

11:50 Junior Start Race Venue

13:20 Medal Ceremony Race Venue

GENERAL INFORMATION: Weather temperature is quite nice this time of the year. The temperatures can go from 12ºC to 25ºC. The weather is usually sunny but can be windy in the afternoon.You will be able to have a swimming course familiarization in the Race “arena”. There will be different schedules depending on the event because of the tide effects, making shore the athletes will experience similar water situation that the ones on race day. Paratriathlon familiarization: Friday, from 10:15 to 11:15. During the swimming course familiarization there will be lifeguards and medical service available. Please note: It is forbidden to swim in the course outside this schedule for safety reasons! There will be a bike course familiarization on Friday, October 29th from 11:30 to 12:30. You will have the chance to do two laps on the bike course. You will go round the course in a pack and will be marshaled by policemen in motorbikes. Assembly point is in the transition area. Please note: After the end of the second lap the police will open the roads for traffic and the athletes that want to continue training will be on their own risk. The relay zone is situated in the finish straight. After the relay the athletes must run to the pontoon start and dive into the water. There will be an aid station on the beginning of the run course. Sealed bottles water will be handed out. Results will be uploaded live in the event’s official website:  All non-official results will be distributed to the Team Leaders at the LOC Information Office.There will also be live streaming of the event.

MAIN MAP: (see the image below)

SWIM MAP: (see the image below) 1 lap, 250m with 2 buoys, the first buoy is 80m from the start. Pontoon start. Water temperature: 17-19° Wetsuit use expected.

BIKE MAP: (see the image below) The bike course consists of 1 lap of 6,75km (mostly flat) that are very quick and fast but also tricky, with some narrow roads and 180º turns.

RUN MAP: (see the image below) The 1,7km run course extends itself along the river banks and is totally flat.

The previous winners are: 

Some pictures from the previous editions:




See you there on this penultimate weekend of racing!

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31 Oct, 2021 • event pageall results
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Poissy Triathlon FRA 01:23:08
2. Metz Triathlon FRA 01:23:31
3. DSW 1912 Darmstadt e.V. Triathlonabteilung GER 01:24:03
4. Triathlon team Potsdam GER 01:25:00
5. Issy Triathlon FRA 01:26:02
6. CT Diablillos de Rivas ESP 01:26:19
7. Saltoki Trikideak ESP 01:26:24
8. Triathlon Club Liévin FRA 01:26:35
9. Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras POR 01:27:47
10. ATRIAC-6D Sports Nutrition BEL 01:29:04
Results: Mixed Junior Relay
1. Outsystems Olimpico de Oeiras POR 01:28:43
2. Metz Triathlon FRA 01:28:48
3. CT Diablillos de Rivas ESP 01:31:14
4. Sport Lisboa e Benfica POR 01:33:25
5. Saltoki Trikideak ESP 01:33:49
6. Alhandra Sporting Club POR 01:33:54
7. Triathlon Club Chateauroux Metropole 36 FRA 01:35:25
8. Trispeed Mamer LUX 01:41:17