Election results Annual General Assembly March 2021

By Amé Venter | 06 Mar, 2021

The AGA took place today in a virtual setting. This AGA was also an opportunity for the elections for the positions of President, Treasurer, Vice-President, Board members, Development Committee, Technical Committee and Audit Committee members.

This AGA once again took place virtually and we certainly missed the buzzing and social coffee breaks, but more importantly we will miss enjoying a glass of cold Sangria in the Spanish sun making future plans with the newly elected Europe Triathlon team and looking back at amazing memories with the members stepping down. Sharing, laughing and having a great time. Non the less the day went well, and we would like to welcome the new members on board and in the beautiful words of Kathleen Smet the Secretary General, say goodbye but not farewell to the ones leaving the team.

Below is a list of the newly elect Europe Triathlon team:


  • Renato Bertrandi


  • Alicia Garcia

Vice Presidents

  • Martin Breedijk
  • Chris Kitchen

Ordinary Board Members

  • Maryia Charkouskaya-Tarasevich
  • Herwig Grabner
  • Pascal Salamin
  • Galina Shipovalova
  • Ola Silvdahl

Audit Committee

  • Karen Hasselberg Sørensen
  • Hendrik Fehr
  • Michael Ziv

Development Committee

  • Laurence De Jaeghere
  • Marc D’Hooghe
  • Adina Dusa
  • Anna Grealish
  • Sara Heath
  • Ljudmila Medan
  • Mitja Mori

Technical Committee

  • Dirk Bogaert
  • Jorge Garcia Martinez
  • Hugh McAtamney
  • Alpár Nagy
  • Friedrich Schwarz
  • Sarah Taylor-Hough
  • Hoger Wackerhage

Commiserations to all unsuccessful candidates - it is great that the elections attracted so many high quality nominees.

Dont forget to send in your pictures, Strava or Garmin logs to show your activity tomorrow. Even though we can’t meeet face to face we want to have the usual President’s run but this could be any activity you do tomorrow morning.

Send you pictures etc to Kathleen at her email:

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