Ready for the Triathlon races at the European Championships Munich 2022!

By | 10 Aug, 2022

Nine European Championships under one roof.

With the European Championships Munich 2022, Munich welcomes the biggest sporting event since the 1972 Olympic Games. From 11-21 August 2022, European sport will be united as its best athletes compete for the highest accolade of their sport on the continent – the title of ‘European Champion’. The second edition of the European Championships will feature nine Olympic sports: Athletics, Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sport Climbing, Table Tennis, and Triathlon. The European Championships in Canoe Sprint and Rowing will also include Para events. Europe’s sporting elite and 177 medal decisions guarantee exciting and top-class competitions. With the sustainability concept Count and Last, the organizers innovatively continue the Olympic legacy and set new standards, especially regarding inclusion and sustainability.

The festival The Roofs with 11 days of fantastic entertainment, combines sport, art and culture in a way that the Bavarian capital last experienced at the 1972 Olympic Games. Nine individually themed worlds will be created and spread across the whole of Olympiapark, Königsplatz and the Olympic Regatta Center – each with its own character in terms of content and design. The packed programme is a tribute to 50 years of Munich Olympiapark and symbolizes the variety of this unique location, its history, present, and future.

With a beach bar, cool drinks and trendy sports, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday. So put your sunglasses on and your feet up! The Roofs programme is completely free and conveys more small-town character than gigantism, focusing on the special and unexpected to ensure a special festival flair. Detailed information is available at on the individual Roofs. Three of the 11 roofs, the Central Roof, the Creative Roof and the Heimat Roof, come equipped with large stages where top international performers will provide first-rate festival feeling.

The Triathlon races will be on the 12th, 13th and 14th, with the elite women on the first day, elite men on the second day and the Age Groups and Mixed Relay on the last day. The scenic lake and hills surrounding the racecourse will be the perfect backdrop for some fast and fun races. With plenty of other events occurring around the park the races will draw big crowds of spectators around the course, cheering on athletes competing and representing their European nations. The women’s field includes Cassandre Beaugrand who’s had some outstanding results lately and will be competing for the top spot on the podium. The men’s field is also packed with top level athletes such as Coninx, Baxter Cabrera, Bergere, Geens and more. With such strong national representations we are sure that the Mixed Relay race will also provide plenty of entertainment.

The Age Group races will be on similar settings to those of the elite, also part of a major championship such as these European Championships in Munich 2022, which is a unique opportunity to experience something very special. With more than 1000 triathletes competing,  we are looking forward to big crowds around the racecourse and plenty of cheering for everyone out there competing!

For information regarding where to watch the races check out

See you out there on the racecourse, it’s nearly time to get on the startline!

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12 - Aug, 2022 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Léo Bergere FRA 01:41:09
2. Pierre Le Corre FRA 01:41:17
3. Dorian Coninx FRA 01:41:24
4. Csongor Lehmann HUN 01:41:30
5. Jelle Geens BEL 01:41:39
6. Joao Pereira POR 01:41:49
7. Jonas Schomburg GER 01:42:08
8. Michele Sarzilla ITA 01:42:33
9. Simon Westermann SUI 01:42:38
10. Bence Bicsák HUN 01:42:46
Results: Elite Women
1. Non Stanford GBR 01:52:10
2. Laura Lindemann GER 01:52:19
3. Emma Lombardi FRA 01:52:22
4. Nina Eim GER 01:52:51
5. Cassandre Beaugrand FRA 01:53:05
6. Julie Derron SUI 01:53:10
7. Miriam Casillas García ESP 01:53:23
8. Alberte Kjær Pedersen DEN 01:53:32
9. Julia Hauser AUT 01:53:41
10. Annika Koch GER 01:53:44
Results: Mixed Relay
1. Team I France FRA 01:25:30
2. Team I Germany GER 01:26:03
3. Team I Switzerland SUI 01:26:19
4. Team I Belgium BEL 01:27:01
5. Team I Spain ESP 01:27:02
6. Team I Austria AUT 01:27:25
7. Team I Portugal POR 01:27:31
8. Team I Norway NOR 01:27:41
9. Team I Denmark DEN 01:27:59
10. Team I Hungary HUN 01:28:35
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Wout Van Nuffelen BEL 01:02:04
2. Louis Buttrick GBR 01:02:36
3. Kai Azzopardi MLT 01:03:36
4. Gabriel Zaoudi BEL 01:03:58
5. Liam Budd GBR 01:04:20
6. Oliwier Szczekala POL 01:04:27
7. Alexis Moreno BEL 01:04:28
8. Tommaso Giubilei ITA 01:04:54
9. Jonah Marks GBR 01:05:01
10. Harrison Cutler GBR 01:05:23
Results: 20-24 Male AG Sprint
1. Lukáš Juránek CZE 00:59:31
2. Pieter Vanderhenst BEL 00:59:56
3. Jannik Hoffmann GER 00:59:59
4. Jasper Philippe BEL 01:00:06
5. Ben Rawlins GBR 01:00:09
6. Maxime Dewez BEL 01:00:37
7. Alex Harrison GBR 01:00:52
8. Jakob Heeß GER 01:00:59
9. Rory Strachan GBR 01:01:10
10. Felix Trummler AUT 01:01:53
Results: 25-29 Male AG Sprint
1. Pierre Delmotte FRA 01:00:13
2. James Hodgson GBR 01:00:16
3. William Atkinson GBR 01:00:46
4. Katgely Téo FRA 01:00:59
5. Michael Haas GER 01:01:30
6. Jakob Brzoska POL 01:01:49
7. Filip Szymonik POL 01:01:56
8. Johannes Zappe GER 01:01:59
9. James Green GBR 01:02:08
10. David Pearson GBR 01:02:40