Going to Spain in October ? Great offer from the Spanish Federation.

By Paul Groves | 17 Sep, 2015

As you will have seen, this weekend is the big event in Chicago. Not just a triathlon but a whole few days of celebration of multi-sport. Organisers are more frequently making sure that their events are not just an Elite Race or a Junior Race but also “something for everyone” and you have to admit, the Federación Española de Triatlón has planned a great selection of events for the weekend of the 2015 Castro Urdiales ETU Cross Duathlon European Championships.

If you are heading that way and want to do more than just the Cross Duathlon, then the Spanish Federation has on offer a chance to participate in their own planned events on the Sunday and Monday. If you fancy a bit of a challenge, then go for the Quadrathlon on the Sunday. It will be the Spanish Championships but there is also an open race and all the equipment is available for hire.

Quadrathlon has been big in the UK for a number of years but the real focus only came to strength in the UK in about 2000. Overseen in the UK by the British Quadrathlon Association there are, around the world, many such groups working to the world governing body, the World Quadrathlon Federation.

So, if you fancy dipping your toes into another sport and feel strong enough to add another discipline to your usual swim, bike, run, then this is a great opportunity for you to try, especially as the equipment will be available to you on site.

Want to read more? Check out Tom Stead GBR’s blog.  He is a triathlete who took gold in his age group in Alcobendas but who also races Quadrathlon.

On the Monday there is a cross triathlon open race, using the same course of the Cross Duathlon but with a nice swim thrown in for fun.

Sounds good ? Well, give it a try and use the following links to find out more.

Just make sure you have entered through your Federation. Deadline for entries is 27th September.

See you there !!

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10 Oct, 2015 • event pageall results
Results: 20-24 Female AG
1. Rita Lopes POR 02:31:02
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Javier Goitia Omaechevarria ESP 01:53:00
2. Jonatan Chavarrias Izquierdo ESP 01:54:43
3. Francisco Javier Perona Ogallar ESP 02:02:17
4. Javier Quintanar Paris ESP 02:02:27
5. Manuel Jesus Palop Gonzalez ESP 02:03:11
6. Arturo Bernardo Losada ESP 02:05:55
7. Álvaro Crespo Labrador ESP 02:09:15
8. Alfredo Valle Seldas ESP 02:18:34
9. Marti Verdejo Amengual ESP 02:33:46
10. Antonio De La Peña Calleja ESP 02:35:51
Results: 25-29 Female AG
1. Beatriz Escribano Moya ESP 02:28:39
2. Nicola Noble GBR 02:29:41
3. Kirsty Vogan GBR 02:38:14
4. Isabel Olmos Figuerola ESP 03:21:35
Results: 25-29 Male AG
1. Gregorio Diaz Fernandez ESP 01:45:15
2. Mario Saez Mateos ESP 01:51:33
3. Francisco Alonso Alvarez ESP 01:57:39
4. Jorge Gil Rodriguez ESP 02:05:40
5. Unai Rodriguez Antoñana ESP 02:06:41
6. Brais Cupeiro Perez ESP 02:08:09
7. Borja Rodriguez De Marcos ESP 02:15:13
8. David Bowkett GBR 02:17:30
DNF. Mario Herrero Galan ESP DNF
DNF. Roberto Mohedano Rubio ESP DNF
Results: 30-34 Female AG
1. Soraya Garcia Alvarez ESP 02:26:07
2. Cristina Gutierrez Gómez ESP 02:58:07
DNF. Judit Cuevas Diaz ESP DNF
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Jose Daniel Borrego Ibañez ESP 01:39:06
2. Gabino Dorta Gonzalez ESP 01:44:35
3. Guzman Zapateria Munarriz ESP 01:46:13
4. Bernardo Rubio Herrada ESP 01:48:07
5. Rafael Toro Martinez ESP 01:48:32
6. M. Alejandro Saborido Alconchel ESP 01:49:59
7. Roger Vicente POR 01:52:27
8. Eduardo Luengo Gadea ESP 01:52:40
9. Diego Herrera Mora ESP 01:53:35
10. Juan Antonio Garcia Fernandez ESP 01:55:33