European Sprint Duathlon Championship titles up for grabs in Horst

By David Peddie | 17 Apr, 2013

As part of the ETU Powerman festival of duathlon, the Sprint Distance European Championships will also take place in Horst an de Maas this weekend alongside the Long Distance Championships.

Whilst supporters admire the endurance, strength and power of the Long Distance races, the Sprint competition – a 5km run/ 20km bike/ 2.5km run - excites the crowd with its speed and intensity.

In the Junior Women’s field, Georgina Schwiening (GBR) and Anke De Boer (NED) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively last year. Both will return looking to at least go one better and should consider themselves in with a real chance of victory.

There is a real mix of athletes in this field and it will be fascinating to see how Ivana Kuriackova (SVK) and Laura Gomez Ramon (ESP) handle this race, after opening their season with 1st and 3rd place at the Junior European Cup triathlon race in Quarteira.

In the Junior Men’s field, Jorik Van Egdom (NED) will be a man on a mission who is sure to push on for every last second.

In Horst last year, Van Egdom was denied victory by Richard Horton (GBR) by just four seconds to finish in second place. He opened this season with another second place, by the smallest of margins, less than one second, behind Raphael Montoya in the opening Junior European Cup in Quarteira.

As it stands, Van Egdom has still to taste an international career victory in his fledgling career but he will be certainly one to watch here.

Con Doherty (IRL) finished 3rd in that same race in Quarteira and has some Duathlon experience from Limerick in 2011. He has certainly started 2013 in great form which will look to continue.

Dalien Stateff (ITA), Bryan De Kraker (NED) and Anders Lund Hansen (DEN) all return after making top ten finishes here last year and that will fill them with confidence heading into this weekend’s competition and they have every chance.

In Paraduathlon, Edith Dasse (FRA), a three time European Duathlon Champion and double World Champion, will race in the Female Tri-4 category.

The Tri-4 category will also see her compatriot David Travadon compete in the Men’s race.

French athletes dominate the Paraduathlon start lists and in tri-3, Raphael Chaussin and Geoffrey Wersy will go head to head. Wersy has won the European Duathlon title in Limerick before so perhaps his experience will give him the edge.

Once again, over 200 Age Group athletes will compete in the ETU Powerman European Sprint Distance Championship along with an open race.

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20 - Apr, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Gareth Smith GBR 00:58:37
2. Matthew O'Connor GBR 01:00:46
3. Harry Pink GBR 01:04:20
4. Sam Pillans GBR 01:06:06
5. Jake Pillans GBR 01:08:39
Results: 20-24 Female AG Sprint
1. Dieuwertje Poort NED 01:03:13
2. Anna Noguera ESP 01:04:28
3. Eloise Du Luart GBR 01:04:56
4. Marine Chalaye FRA 01:06:11
5. Cindy Van Der Avoort NED 01:06:49
6. Anne Reintjes NED 01:13:05
7. Vicky Smith GBR 01:17:12
Results: 20-24 Male AG Sprint
1. Tim Van Hemel BEL 00:54:36
2. Sam Valgaeren BEL 00:55:37
3. Juul Van De Kruijs NED 00:55:59
4. Vincent Van de Walle BEL 00:56:09
5. Erik Van Der Heijden NED 00:56:51
6. Ben Cockburn GBR 00:57:24
7. Thomas Derboven BEL 00:57:41
8. Joep Staps NED 00:57:42
9. Luke Pollard GBR 00:57:47
10. Benoit Bigot FRA 00:58:16
Results: 25-29 Female AG
1. Franzisca Ruf GER 04:16:17
Results: 25-29 Female AG Sprint
1. India Lee GBR 01:01:07
2. Maria Hivner GER 01:02:40
3. Juriena De Vries NED 01:04:54
4. Samantha Anderson GBR 01:07:50
5. Suzanne Robinson GBR 01:08:38
6. Lauren Bradshaw GBR 01:10:45
7. Rebecca Cousins GBR 01:12:50
Results: 25-29 Male AG
1. Seppe Odeyn BEL 02:50:58
2. Nico Klasen LUX 02:54:26
3. Mads Munster Karlsson DEN 03:04:07
4. Pascal Jodocy LUX 03:06:25
5. Timon Svoboda LUX 03:06:37
6. Tim Karius LUX 03:09:29
7. Martijn Nooren NED 03:13:24
8. Sam Peters LUX 03:19:27
9. Michel Thorn LUX 03:20:58
10. Fabien Kieffer LUX 03:24:19
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