European Aquathlon Championships return for 2014

By David Peddie | 19 Mar, 2014

The ETU and the German Triathlon Federation are delighted to announce the return of the ETU European Aquathlon Championships to the 2014 race calendar.

The ETU Aquathlon Championships will be held in Köln for the second time on May 31st 2014, integrated into the Rheinauhafen Triathlon, part of the Willpower Race Series.

The last European Aquathlon Championships were also held in Köln back in 2011 and Matthias Zöll, Secretary General, is pleased to see the competition return.

“The European Aquathlon Championship will be held in a great location at the Köln Rheinauhafen,” he said. “It is a good sign that the Jeschke & Friends organisational team have successfully applied and received this European Championships after problems over the last few years. These have fortunately been resolved.

“This is proof that everyone in the triathlon scene is working hard to promote triathlon and all multi-sports in Germany.”

ETU President, Renato Bertrandi, said “I am very pleased that our European Aquathlon Championships will take place in Köln.

“The end of May is a perfect date for all athletes that are willing to compete in the waters of the Rhine. It is great that Germany, a country with a great history in Triathlon is organising this ETU event in such an iconic city.”

The swim-run event is for Elite and Age Group athletes with the ‘Standard Aquathlon’ distance offered of 2.5km run/1km swim/2.5km run. If the water in the Rhine has a temperature under 22°C, the ‘cold water’ variation of 1km swim/5km run will be used.

A total of 6,000€ prize money will be awarded to Elite starters. Registration for the European Championships must be made through the National Federation.

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31 May, 2014 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Oleksiy Syutkin UKR 00:28:31
2. Dmytro Malyar UKR 00:28:35
3. Pedro Mendes POR 00:28:47
4. Chris Wigell AUS 00:29:06
5. Anton Vitolin UKR 00:29:13
6. Jiri Kalus CZE 00:29:24
7. Csaba Rendes HUN 00:29:37
8. Maxim Subbotin RUS 00:29:44
9. Vyacheslav Pimenov RUS 00:29:45
10. Jacek Krawczyk POL 00:29:46
Results: Elite Women
1. Tereza Zimovjanova CZE 00:31:43
2. Hannah Kitchen GBR 00:31:48
3. Magdalena Mielnik POL 00:32:19
4. Irina Abysova RUS 00:32:43
5. Agnieszka Cieslak POL 00:32:53
6. Inna Ryzhykh UKR 00:33:05
7. Carina Brechters GER 00:33:07
8. Agata Litwin POL 00:33:13
9. Gréta Santosi HUN 00:33:43
10. Pauline Purro SUI 00:34:09
Results: U23 Men
1. Jiri Kalus CZE 00:29:24
2. Maxim Subbotin RUS 00:29:45
3. Vyacheslav Pimenov RUS 00:29:45
4. Evgeniy Stepanov RUS 00:30:09
5. Tomasz Marcinek POL 00:30:20
6. Tomasz Brembor POL 00:30:36
7. Jakub Powada CZE 00:31:33
8. Simon Brunovsky SVK 00:31:56
9. Maciej Grembski POL 00:32:00
10. Viktor Henchikov UKR 00:32:00
Results: U23 Women
1. Magdalena Mielnik POL 00:32:19
2. Agata Litwin POL 00:33:13
3. Magdalena Wiśniewska POL 00:34:51
4. Margaryta Krylova UKR 00:36:25
5. Mariola Krzemińska POL 00:36:35
Results: Junior Men
1. Jacek Krawczyk POL 00:29:46
2. Michał Oliwa POL 00:29:48
3. Milan Tomin SRB 00:30:11
4. Evgeniy Ostrovskiy RUS 00:31:18
5. Marek Stachota POL 00:31:42
6. Jan Pacan POL 00:31:54
7. Vojtech Sommer CZE 00:32:16
8. Vladimir Kliushnichenko RUS 00:32:35
9. Aleksei Sukharnikov RUS 00:32:52
Results: Junior Women
1. Aleksandra Sikora POL 00:34:33
2. Valentyna Molchanets UKR 00:35:45
3. Justyna Krawczyk POL 00:36:03
4. Katarzyna Rogacz POL 00:36:29
5. Vira Sosnova UKR 00:38:40
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