Europe Triathlon Youth Championships Festival 2024 Venue Update

By | 30 Apr, 2024

Europe Triathlon is thrilled to announce that the Europe Triathlon Youth Championships Festival 2024 will now be hosted in Banyoles, Spain, following the confirmation from José Hildago, President of the Spanish Federation. This event replaces the previously planned Europe Triathlon Mixed Relay Club Championships, which Europe Triathlon is currently seeking to relocate to a different location.

Renato Bertrandi, President of Europe Triathlon, expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are very happy that we will manage to organise this incredible event for the youth of our sport in Europe also this year! A special thanks to the Spanish Federation for their support”.

The decision to hold the event in Banyoles underscores the commitment of Europe Triathlon and its partners to providing an exceptional experience for young athletes across Europe. The Festival is scheduled to take place during the 2nd weekend of September, with exact dates to be confirmed. This eagerly anticipated event promises to showcase the talent and dedication of young triathletes from across the continent.