By Paul Groves | 03 Mar, 2020

Please see below a notice that has been sent out to each National Federation.

With a lot of difficulties due to the Coronavirus crisis, the 2020 season has started.

We have just had a very successful ETU Winter Triathlon Championships in Romania where Italian athletes were admitted to the country with an additional but non-intrusive level of control. All passed the border controls with the minimum of delay.

However, some Countries have suspended their Sporting Events and others have made some restrictions on Athletes coming from certain areas.

Clearly this is a changing scenario as more and more cases are being encountered but equally, each country is assessing the level of risk on a case by case basis.

The situation is monitored at ITU level in close collaboration with the IOC and by us too and we will immediately inform you if there is any news that could directly affect our Sport.

As of today, the ETU calendar is unchanged with all races confirmed and open to athletes including the next in the calendar:

  • Punta Umbría
  • Huelva
  • Liévin
  • Melilla
  • Quarteira
  • Alsdorf

We will be guided by the decisions made by the relevant authorities in each country involved and we anticipate that the situation will be continually evolving over the next few weeks. Hopefully this will not change the situation we have today.

Without doubt, the decisions of individual governments will dictate how much of an impact this situation has upon our race calendar and ETU will do its best to keep everyone updated and aware of any changes

Should the situation in any host country change, then ETU will, on the advice of the LOC and local authorities, take appropriate measures to preserve, as a priority, the safety of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff and to communicate any changes from the race calendar

ETU is paying special attention to all guidance provided by the various governments in countries where our events are being held and we are closely monitoring the situation and we will keep you posted.

As a suggestion, I would recommend that all athletes, coaches, support staff and supporters check their travel insurance, as the situation could change rapidly in the future.


Best Regards,


Renato Bertrandi

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