ETU and Challenge Family Announce European Championships Partnership

By David Peddie | 22 Feb, 2012

The Challenge Family global series of long distance triathlons today announced a partnership with the European Triathlon Union (ETU) that will see Challenge Kraichgau and Challenge Roth host the Half Distance European Championships and Long Distance European Championships respectively, in 2012.

Challenge Kraichgau (10 June 2012) is Europe’s largest half iron distance event and will host the Championships for Elite and Age Group athletes. Challenge Roth (8 July 2012) is renowned as the home of European Triathlon and is the largest iron distance race in the world. Roth will host the Championships for both Elite and Age Group athletes.

ETU’s Eugene Kraus and Denis Jaeger said the proven quality of Challenge Family events ensured that the European Long Distance Championships would be delivered to a high standard. They said: “Challenge Family races are renowned for their quality and we are delighted to enter into an agreement between ETU and Challenge.”

Felix Walchshöfer, CEO of Challenge Family, is delighted to deliver the European Championships and said Challenge was looking forward to a long-term collaboration. He said: “We are extremely happy to be working closely with the ETU in delivering the European Championships in 2012.

“Europe is home to many of the world’s best long distance triathletes and linking the European Championships with Europe’s two leading long distance races, ensures they will receive the high profile they deserve.”

The President of the German Triathlon Federation (DTU), Martin Engelhardt, said he was delighted the concept of a partnership between ETU and Challenge had come to fruition. “Together with the General Secretary of the DTU, Matthias Zöll, we have talked about this topic at the European Presidential Meeting in January and now we have Germany hosting two European Championships at two of our iconic races,” he said.

“This provides us with a great opportunity to show the international triathlon community how well Germany delivers world class events.” 

Philip Schädler, ETU President, welcomes the new partnership: “At ETU we are glad to have found a well established organiser to host the Long Distance Triathlon European Championships in 2012. 

“I am happy that we can one again offer Long Distance races in Germany. and by offering two distances, we are giving our age groupers a real choice.”

These events have been added to the ETU event calendar listings; Kraichgau and Roth

Information on the individual events can also be found at or respectively

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10 Jun, 2012 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Julia Gajer GER 04:20:09
2. Line Jensen DEN 04:20:47
3. Delphine Pelletier FRA 04:22:47
4. Camilla Pedersen DEN 04:24:22
5. Sonja Tajsich GER 04:25:10
6. Gina Crawford NZL 04:25:17
7. Yvonne Van Vlerken NED 04:26:31
8. Daniela Saemmler GER 04:28:50
9. Jenny Schulz GER 04:34:18
10. Natascha Schmitt GER 04:37:43
Results: Elite Men
1. Andreas Raelert GER 03:48:15
2. Sylvain Sudrie FRA 03:50:57
3. Sebastian Kienle GER 03:51:11
4. Mike Aigroz SUI 03:53:24
5. Dorian Wagner GER 03:54:13
6. Timo Bracht GER 03:54:45
7. Konstantin Bachor GER 03:56:28
8. Felix Schumann GER 03:56:36
9. Nicolas Fernandez FRA 03:58:20
10. Per Bittner GER 03:59:56
Results: 75-79 Male AG
1. Manfred Klittich GER 06:46:39
Results: 70-74 Male AG
1. Jürgen Strott GER 05:48:54
2. Renaldo Wagner GER 06:02:02
Results: 65-69 Male AG
1. Jürgen Bäuerle GER 05:26:53
2. Tamas Fekete GER 05:46:30
3. Martin Metz GER 05:51:11
4. Jürgen Knapp GER 05:59:57
5. Karl-Heinz Scheidel GER 06:15:09
6. Arnold Schnalke GER 07:08:46
7. Christian Galtier FRA 07:51:47
Results: 65-69 Female AG
1. Elisabeth Onisseit GER 06:18:30