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By Paul Groves | 11 Nov, 2019

The second mass-participation event of the 2020 calendar will be the ETU Duathlon Championships. Last year, medals were won by athletes on a tight down-town Sprint Course and on an open, sweeping and quite tough motor-racing circuit (with the best racing surface ever) in deepest Transylvania.

2020 sees the action move to Punta Umbría and the date to an early season one.

The Spanish Federation has provided us with some information about their event and, to make sure that you can all make the necessary arrangements to get there and to be prepared for the races, sit back and start taking notes.

The races will be held over the weekend, 6th to 8th March and will of course kick off with the Parade of Nations. This is a great chance for you all to get together, to pose for all those photos that will make your friends and family truly envious of you; while they are sat home, you are in a truly historical location and you will be making history yourselves.

Friday is the Parade of nations and then on Saturday, the racing begins, with the Age-Group Sprint event, the Juniors and then the Elite and U23. Sunday sees the Age Group Standard race, the Paratriathlon event and will end with the closing and award ceremonies.

What can we tell you about the venue?

Well, the city is steeped in history, with connections to Christopher Columbus, who left for the “New World” from this area. Go on, add a few days to your trip and explore.

Where can I stay?

Plenty of hotels - check them out on-line, or use the links provided in the event documents.

How do I get there?

Easy enough. For the previous big races held at Huelva, athletes, coaches, officials and supporters have flown in to either Seville, or Faro airports, which are close by.

The Spanish Federation have released a set of FAQs with all the information you will need.

So, make an early-season duathlon date with Punta Umbría and then you can move your focus to the ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon Championships in Alsdorf, which is set for the 19th April.

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