Cancellation of the Europe Junior Cup Zagreb

By | 02 Aug, 2021

It is with great regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the Europe Junior Cup due to the unfortunate death of the Mayor of Zagreb during the Municipal elections earlier this year. This event has left the LOC in an serious and uncertain financial position. They have had a recent unexpected and significant reduction in funding that was previously expected. The LOC, with too little time to look to fill the financial gap, had no alternative but to cancel the event in Zagreb this year. The Croatian NF and the LOC have done everything they can but are really sad to have to take this decision.

However all the hard work will not be wasted as they will still be running the Europe Triathlon Youth Festival from the Zagreb Rowing Centre as planned in 2022. The Rowing Centre is an ideal venue for the Youth Festival with a self-contained course with closed roads.

The event will take place during the school holidays in 2022 and we can look forward to a fantastic showcase for all our young athletes. We look forward to bringing you more details in due course once the date has been fixed.