Annual Presidents’ Conference and Gala in Samorìn

By | 25 Feb, 2023

The year 2022 has been a fantastic one. Our athletes have pushed themselves to their limits in races across Europe and beyond, competing on the World Triathlon circuit. Meanwhile, our National Federations have been working closely with coaches to maintain and enhance this incredible sport. Additionally, our team of dedicated Technical Officials have continued to volunteer their time to ensure that events are conducted fairly and safely, while event organisers have risen to the challenge and presented us with some truly spectacular events.

Looking ahead to March 2023, we are thrilled to announce that the Annual Presidents’ Conference and Gala will take place in Samorìn, Slovakia, and we are excited to reveal the names of the nominees. But first, let’s take a moment to revisit the previous year’s winners.

The nominees this year really reflect the highlights of our 2022 season.

For the Female Athlete of the year we have:

  • Nina Eim (GER)
  • Cassandre Beaugrand (FRA)
  • Laura Lindemann (GER)

For the Male Athlete of the year:

  • Léo Bergere (FRA)
  • Jelle Geens (BEL)
  • Csongor Lehmann (HUN)

For the Male Paratriathlete of the year:

  • Florian Brungraber (AUT)
  • Daniel Molina  (SPA) 
  • Jules Ribstein (FRA)

For the Female Paratriathlete of the year:

  • Francesca Tarantello (ITA)
  • Ekaterini Saranti  (GRE) 
  • Rakel Mateo Uriarte (SPA)

For National Federation:


For Technical Official of the year:
Never an easy choice but this year we see three names.

  • Sandrine Crosnier (FRA)
  • Angeliki Thoma (GRE)
  • Steen Christensen (DEN)
  • Kalle Jensen (NOR)

The nominees For Emerging National Federation:


For Event of the year:


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