Lindemann keeps World Champs win streak alive

By Erin Greene | 16 Sep, 2016

Laura Lindemann (GER) kept her World Championship winning streak going, this time in the Under23 women’s World Championship race, securing her third consecutive world title after winning the Junior races the last two years.

Leonie Periault (FRA), who scored silver in the U23 race last year, repeated her silver after a heated battle with Lindemann on the run. France took home another medal when Sandra Dodet crossed over with bronze.

The women started the day just after the sun rose with a one-lap 1500m swim. With the current flowing in their favor, six women used the tides to push out in front for a 20-advantage out of the water. The group included Brits Sophie Coldwell and Georgia Taylor-Brown, as well as Mexico’s own Lizeth Rueda Santos.

Coldwell, together with the Netherland’s Maya Kingma and Russia’s Anastasia Gorbunova, both of whom also exited the water in the leading half dozen, cruised out of T1 with crushing speed to secure nearly a minute lead by the second bike lap.

But with Lindemann, who just competed in her first Olympics last month, trailing in the chase, the trio’s lead didn’t stick. Although it took six of the eight bike laps, the 14-deep chase bridged up with two bike laps to go.

The 17 ladies lit up transition with nearly two minutes over the rest of the field, meaning the eventual winners would coming from the top swimmers and riders.

Early on the four-lap 10km run, Lindemann, Kaidi Kivioja (EST) and Leonie Periault (FRA) hammered out the fastest pace, leaving their competitors behind. Late on the first lap, Sandra Dodet (FRA) responded to the trio’s attack, surging up to make it a four-woman group leading onto lap two.

With a penalty for failing to get all of her equipment in the box in T1, Kivioja opted to serve her 10-secon penalty at the second lap, which gave the French women and Lindemann a 15-second advantage midway through the run.

On the third lap, Periault and Lindemann gunned it for gold, dropping Dodet. From there, it was a two-woman show, with the pair of Periault and Lindemann going surge for surge. They weren’t able to drop each other until the final 500 meters, when the German blasted ahead. The late effort saw Lindemann cross over first for gold, followed by Periualt and then Dodet.

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11 - Sep, 2016 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Henri Schoeman RSA 01:46:50
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:47:08
3. Alistair Brownlee GBR 01:47:08
4. Richard Murray RSA 01:47:35
5. Mario Mola ESP 01:47:36
6. Ryan Bailie AUS 01:47:40
7. Crisanto Grajales MEX 01:47:46
8. Jelle Geens BEL 01:47:52
9. Fernando Alarza ESP 01:47:53
10. Adam Bowden GBR 01:47:55
Results: Elite Women
1. Flora Duffy BER 01:57:59
2. Gwen Jorgensen USA 01:59:16
3. Charlotte McShane AUS 01:59:25
4. Helen Jenkins GBR 01:59:28
5. Ai Ueda JPN 01:59:39
6. Vendula Frintova CZE 01:59:44
7. Sarah True USA 01:59:58
8. Non Stanford GBR 02:00:16
9. Mariya Shorets RUS 02:00:21
10. Ashleigh Gentle AUS 02:00:34
Results: U23 Men
1. Jorik Van Egdom NED 01:52:39
2. Manoel Messias BRA 01:53:00
3. Bence Bicsák HUN 01:53:02
4. Simon Viain FRA 01:53:12
5. Tom Richard FRA 01:53:13
6. Cesar Saracho MEX 01:53:19
7. Léo Bergere FRA 01:54:02
8. István Király HUN 01:54:42
9. Xavier Grenier-Talavera CAN 01:54:50
10. Declan Wilson AUS 01:54:56
Results: U23 Women
1. Laura Lindemann GER 01:59:18
2. Leonie Periault FRA 01:59:33
3. Sandra Dodet FRA 02:00:05
4. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 02:00:50
5. Kaidi Kivioja EST 02:01:07
6. Sophie Coldwell GBR 02:01:36
7. Julie Derron SUI 02:01:48
8. Melanie Santos POR 02:02:06
9. Jaz Hedgeland AUS 02:02:25
10. Sara Papais ITA 02:02:44
Results: Junior Men
1. Austin Hindman USA 00:54:02
2. Charles Paquet CAN 00:54:12
3. Ben Dijkstra GBR 00:54:20
4. Daniel Hoy NZL 00:54:23
5. Alex Yee GBR 00:54:24
6. Oliver Blecher CAN 00:54:28
7. Matevž Planko SLO 00:54:35
8. Samuel Dickinson GBR 00:54:38
9. Abraham Rodriguez Moreno MEX 00:54:41
10. Vasco Vilaca POR 00:54:47
Results: Junior Women
1. Taylor Knibb USA 00:59:05
2. Lisa Tertsch GER 00:59:41
3. Hye Rim Jeong KOR 00:59:50
4. Ines Santiago Moron ESP 00:59:51
5. Cecilia Santamaria Surroca ESP 00:59:56
6. Desirae Ridenour CAN 01:00:02
7. Lena Meißner GER 01:00:07
8. Minami Kubono JPN 01:00:08
9. Kyleigh Spearing USA 01:00:16
10. Ekaterina Matiukh RUS 01:00:25