The innovation award is still open

By Paul Groves | 17 Jun, 2019

From Martin Breedijk, we have this update:

Dear triathletes,

We’re in the middle of the season and we already saw some thrilling races, for example the European Championships Mixed Team Relay in Weert (NED), won by just a few seconds by the French team ahead of Germany and the “Oranje” home team of the Netherlands. Another example of the small margins races at the elite level are nowadays decided. Maybe you have a brilliant idea which could give some extra seconds in transition.

Or it might be that you have seen the Age-Groupers doing their race or you were racing yourself. And you would like to see where your competitors are in “real-time” during the race. Something your supporters could see in the app on their smartphone, but you couldn’t. And you have an idea to solve it.

And what about you coaches? You like to inspire kids to take part in a triathlon and you have come up with an excellent idea how to make triathlon even more fun for kids? Maybe a new format, a new approach to training or an ingenious gadget whereby kids could make use of their bike for a longer time.

All of this could be the winning idea for the ETI Innovation Award with a total prize-money of €6,000. Please come forward with your ideas, they will be treated confidential and they can be basic. You don’t need a prototype, of course this can raise your chances of winning the award, just an outline of your idea could be fine as well.

If you have an idea and want to know more, check the report for more information or click here for the Russian version.