The Baltic Championships are coming

By | 20 Jul, 2021



This coming Sunday 25th of July, Otepää in Estonia is hosting the Baltic Championships. The event is at its 5th edition, the other championships were held:
2017 - Riga triathlon
2018 - Kupiški triathlon
2019 - Tartu triathlon
2020 - Riga triathlon
in the Baltic Championships the following Nfs are involved: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. This will be a chance for all nations linked to the Baltic to see who will be the best athlete among all the different nationalities, but it is also an event open to all other European athletes and further afield.
The championship races are sandwiched between a whole series of other events, which will decide the Lithuanian champions over a variety of distances. Centred around a beautiful lake and with good quality. rolling roads, the event has been fixed in the European calendar now for several years.
Otepää has also hosted in 2016 the Winter Triathlon European Championships. ski
Distances of the race:
1st start: 0,375 km swim, 10 km bike, 2,5 km run (youth B, youth A, juniors, age group)
2nd start: 0,15 km swim, 4 km bike, 1 km run (children C, D, E)
3rd start: 1,5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run (F/M 20 – 80+, teams)
The start area is located on the beach of Pühajärve lake.
Swimming is in the Pühajärve lake. Wetsuit is recommended but forbidden if the water temperature on race day 1 hour before the start is 22°C or more. Participants must swim either one 150m loop, one 375m loop or one 1500m loop according to their distance. All participants in the 3rd start must wear a swimming cap provided by the organisers.
The bike course is around Pühajärve lake mostly on the Poslovitsa-Pühajärve and Otepää-Kääriku-Kurevere road.
The run course is in the Pühajärve lake beach park and on its surrounding roads.
The transition zone is on a football field in Pühajärve.  The competitor has to present their race number to get in the transition zone.

Event Schedule
Sunday, 25. July
8.00 Race center opens
8.00-13.30 Race material pick up and on spot registration (will end 15 minutes before closing the respective race`s transition area)
9.00-9.45 Transition area check-in for start 1
10.00 1. START (men A and B, juniors)
10.02 1.START (women A and B, juniors)
10.04 1.START (amateurs)
10.50-11.15 Transition area is opened for check out for start 1
11.15-11.45 Transition area check-in for start 2
12.00 2. START (boys C, D, E)
12.03 2. START (girls C, D, E)
12.25-12.55 Transition area is opened for check out for start 2
13.00 Award ceremony for 1st and 2nd start
13.00-13.45 Transition area check-in for start 3
14.00 3. START (pro-male)
14.01 3. START (pro-female)
14.04 3. START (F/M 20 – 80+)
14.06 3. START (teams)
16.45-18.15 Transition area is opened for check out for start 3
18.15 Award ceremony