Ranking ETU Next Generation Challenge (status 28/09/2020)

By Amé Venter | 28 Sep, 2020

Another week of has passed and we are proud to publish yet another update on the Next Generation Challenge. Today marks the start of the 7th week of the challenge and we have received some feedback from athletes and coaches.


The initial aim of the project was to help athletes with their motivation in these uncertain times and to stimulate their development. Athletes and coaches of Israel told us about their experience. Doron Kaspi currently leading the male challenge with a total of 162,80 points  said; “I really enjoyed feeling the “race feeling” again, but it was different kind of racing especially because I was on my own in the races, I raced against the clock physically and mentally.” According to him the challenge also came at exactly the right time. “ Honestly in terms of motivation the event came out right on time - a week before the tests I went into self-isolation unexpectedly. During my self-isolation I couldn’t swim but I knew that the tests are close, so I took good care of my body and trained properly in the best way I could. On the test day I was stressed just like a race day, the Isolation kept me focused on the target - the Next Generation Challenge.”

Hila Aryas currently in 6th position with 121,31 points in the female competition was really motivated to participate in the Next Generation Challenge. “I wanted to do my best and improve my performance. My goal is to compete in Europe in the highest levels. I worked and trained very hard to be focused especially because I’m younger than the rest of my competitors. I came positive and ready to do my best to be successful. I felt good about my results, but I know that I can do better. “During these Difficult times Hila Aryas said that, “it was exciting to feel the adrenaline and the positive pressure before competitions.”

Ron Lewinsohn the coach of the Isreal athletes competing in the Next Generation Challenge mentions that the challenge gives the athletes a short-term goal despite the unpredictable future. Additional Ron Lewinsohn said “ the challenge gave the athletes the encouragement and that competitive feeling they were craving for.”

Here you can find the results as of 28 September 2020 - Male

Here you can find the results as of 28 September 2020 - Female

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