Ranking ETU Next Generation Challenge (status 24/08/2020)

By Amé Venter | 24 Aug, 2020

The ETU Next Generation Challenge was set in place in order to preserve the motivation, health and esteem of our youth and junior athletes. It consists of a physical test that include a 400m swim and a 3000m run. These disciplines are classic indicators of an athlete’s aerobic capacities.

The aim of this challenge is to give our youth and junior athletes a clear performance focus in a very unclear and uncertain times.

It’s been several weeks since the communication around this challenge started and we are pleased to share the first results with you.

Here you can find the results as of 24 August 2020.

For the moment there are only results from Italy, but we are aware that there are several activities planned around Europe and we are very optimistic to see a huge number of athletes in the virtual ranking as the challenge develops.
The following Image was taken during the trials in Italy.

“We spread the set up of the project across Italy, giving it great emphasis and it was immediately welcomed in the all the regions. With the lack of normal competitions this year, thanks to the project we can involve young people of all levels and regions. Athletes want to be present in the ranking and have the opportunity to compare performances with their European peers. For us it is also very useful to be part of a common European project, which provides useful references and crucial information for our development programs. The data provided from Italy are only preliminary, in the coming weeks there will be other opportunities for athletes to participate in the project and thus have the opportunity to be included in the European ranking.”

Athletes are able to participate in the challenge until October 4th, 2020.
Do you also want to be a apart of this challenge, submit your results before Thursdays at 17:00 and you will be in the raking published the following Monday. The submission can only be done by the responsible person from the NF. It is possible to improve these results during the duration of the challenge, meaning multiple results can be sent per athlete and in the final point ranking the fasted time will be used.