Pre-Annual General Assembly

By Amé Venter | 03 Mar, 2021

The final preparations are taking place for the Annual General Assembly due to take place in 4 days. On Saturday, March 6th the Annual General Assembly will take place completely virtual. This year will be the elections for Europe Triathlon as the 4-year term of the current team has come to an end.

Exactly one week ago, the candidates presented by the National Federations had the opportunity to give their election speeches during the Pre-AGA on February the 24th.  

During this meeting all the candidates had a specified amount of to present themselves. Additionally, the platform used for voting was tested to ensure all the present voting delegates know how the system works. The voting will take place through the Lumi platform. This is the same platform used last year for the voting in World Triathlon and will ensure transparent and fair voting.

The positions that can be voted for will be listed below with the number of spots available for that position as well as the number of candidates.

President, 1 spot available and 1 candidate.

Treasurer, 1 spot available and 1 candidate.

Vice president, 2 spots available and 4 candidates.

Ordinary Board, 5 spots available 12 candidates.

Technical Committee, 7 spots available and 18 candidates.

Development committee, 7 spots available and 13 candidates.

Audit committee, 3 spots available and 6 candidates.

This is a strong field of candidates. With 48 nominees in total from 16 national federations.

 We wish all the nominees the best of luck and thank the voting delegates for their presence in advance.

As a tradition at the AGA, there is a Sunday Moring activity where the whole group goes for an iconic run. As this cannot take place this year, we would like to encourage all to still partake in a Sunday Morning activity and share this with us on the following email We look forward to seeing the great enthusiasm and excitement we usually share together.

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