More Christmas cheer for ETU’s Junior athletes

By Paul Groves | 29 Dec, 2018

2019 is looking good for European junior athletes. With SCICON supporting the highest ranked Junior Male and Female triathletes under the ETU Development Program, we now have a leading wetsuit brand stepping up to the mark to help our athletes.

If you have ever gone long-distance in Europe, then the chances are that you have met Alex de Boer. The ever-helpful Dutchman, himself no mean athlete, has worked tirelessly since the mid 90’s to bring innovation and quality at affordable prices to the thousands of athletes who race.

What makes Dare2Tri such an attractive brand to use?

Well, their Mission Statement pretty much sums this up. “To make people all over the world enjoy swimming by bringing the best and most innovative wetsuits”.

For Alex, the focus has been on “flexibility, perfect body position and comfortable to wear wetsuits”.  Having been unable to find the ideal wetsuit on the market, he decided instead to make it himself. His approach has been to “always be at least one step ahead of our competition.

We have all trained and raced in wetsuits; from Age-Group athlete to top elite and we all know that if there is one tiny thing wrong with the suit, it will rub, it won’t fit correctly, it will drastically alter your body position in the water and will, ultimately, ruin your race. To ensure then, that the finished product is the best and remembering that “INNOVATION NEVER STOPS”,  Alex and his team have dedicated time to creating the perfect wetsuit, which has evolved after years of testing and altering. Using both professional and amateur athletes testing Dare2Tri wetsuits, “we are confident you will find optimal performance in every product we produce…guaranteed. We offer factory direct production, eliminating retail prices. Buying from Dare2Tri ensures that you are purchasing the highest quality products at the best prices.”

ETU President, Renato Bertrandi, “I am very happy that we now have more and more interest from major sponsors in supporting our athletes. Dare2Tri wetsuits have been highly recommended by a number of people and I am sure that the incentive of winning one of these suits will encourage our junior athletes to really make the very best of the racing season in 2019. I am aware that Alex de Boer and his team use the best quality materials and latest technology to produce their wetsuits and am sure that with his attention to detail and knowledge of the sport, he will continue to deliver the most affordable hi-tech suits that will help our athletes get that extra advantage in the water.”

If we want to look at the advantage, then we need to look no further than Lionel Sanders, who chooses to swim in Dare2Tri’s MACH 4S. “He tested several wetsuits and found out that the MACH4S is three seconds faster per 100 meters than the top suits of other, more expensive brands”, said Alex de Boer.

So, for our best Junior athletes, a great offer but also for any athlete who wants not only make triathlon more affordable but also to get that extra advantage in the water. If you want to know more about Dare2Tri, then check out their website

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