European Triathlon Union to Host Annual General Assembly Ahead of Championship

By | 01 Jun, 2023

On Friday, 2 June, a day prior to the Europe Triathlon Championships, the European Triathlon Union (ETU) is set to conduct its Annual General Assembly. The event will gather an impressive array of delegates, 56 in total, from 30 National Federations. The assembly provides an opportunity to discuss vital issues in the sport, present comprehensive reports, and welcome potential new members to the Union.

The National Federations in attendance will span from Austria to host country Spain, and includes representatives from Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Prominent on the assembly’s agenda are the presentation of reports from a range of Union officials and committees. The Presidents, Secretary General, and Treasurer will each submit their accounts, while updates from the Executive Board, Development and Technical Committee, and the Race, Marketing & Media, and Legal & Constitution Commission will be shared.

Crucially, a significant vote is scheduled during the assembly, aimed at admitting two new members to the ETU: Bosnia & Herzegovina and Monaco. The inclusion of these countries will further broaden the geographic scope and influence of the Union, thereby underscoring its mission to promote and strengthen the sport of triathlon across Europe.

Additionally, elections will be held for pivotal committee positions. Seats on the new Women’s Committee, the Audit Committee, and one new member position on the Board will be decided during the meeting.

The Annual General Assembly will be held at the Spanish National Olympic Committee. The ETU expressed gratitude for the ability to use this esteemed location, noting that it symbolises the strength and unity of the European triathlon community.

“The hosting of this important meeting is a testament to the strong bond and solidarity among the European triathlon family. We are grateful and thankful for the Spanish National Olympic Committee for providing us with this platform,” a spokesperson for the ETU said.

As anticipation builds for both the General Assembly and the Europe Triathlon Championships, the ETU stands firm in its commitment to the growth, inclusivity, and integrity of triathlon across Europe.

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Results: Elite Men
1. David Castro Fajardo ESP 01:48:13
2. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:48:17
3. Adrien Briffod SUI 01:48:27
4. Arnaud Mengal BEL 01:49:05
5. Emil Holm DEN 01:49:09
6. Csongor Lehmann HUN 01:49:17
7. David Cantero Del Campo ESP 01:49:30
8. Jonas Schomburg GER 01:49:41
9. Eric Diener GER 01:49:48
10. Noah Servais BEL 01:49:55
Results: Elite Women
1. Jeanne Lehair LUX 01:59:52
2. Lisa Tertsch GER 01:59:59
3. Cathia Schär SUI 02:00:10
4. Tanja Neubert GER 02:00:34
5. Miriam Casillas García ESP 02:00:53
6. Petra Kurikova CZE 02:01:18
7. Audrey Merle FRA 02:01:32
8. Kate Waugh GBR 02:02:06
9. Maria Tomé POR 02:03:05
10. Claire Michel BEL 02:03:17
Results: PTWC Men
1. Jetze Plat H2 NED 00:55:29
2. Florian Brungraber H2 AUT 01:00:27
3. Geert Schipper H2 NED 01:00:39
4. Louis Noel H2 FRA 01:05:03
5. Giovanni Achenza H1 ITA 01:06:20
6. Jose Cristobal Ramos Jimenez H1 ESP 01:10:41
DNS. Joshua Landmann H2 GBR DNS
Results: PTS2 Men
1. Maurits Morsink NED 01:03:34
2. Jules Ribstein FRA 01:07:35
3. Gianluca Valori ITA 01:08:10
4. Lionel Morales ESP 01:11:54
5. Louis Rolfe GBR 01:12:38
Results: PTS3 Men
1. Daniel Molina ESP 01:07:49
2. Nico Van Der Burgt NED 01:08:44
3. Max Gelhaar GER 01:08:52
4. Cedric Denuziere FRA 01:09:58
5. Kini Carrasco ESP 01:14:12
6. Ibrahim Al Hussein TRI 01:22:44
7. Sebastian Jansson Berg SWE 01:25:22
Results: PTS4 Men
1. Alexis Hanquinquant FRA 00:56:54
2. Nil Riudavets Victory ESP 00:58:00
3. Pierre-Antoine Baele FRA 00:58:53
4. Antonio Franko CRO 01:00:33
5. Gregoire Berthon FRA 01:01:25
6. Alejandro Sánchez Palomero ESP 01:01:40
7. Finley Jakes GBR 01:01:58
8. Oliver Dreier AUT 01:07:17