ETU Powerman European Duathlon Championships to act as World Games qualifier

By David Peddie | 13 Dec, 2012

After an extensive, but unsuccessful search to find an appropriate location for the 2013 Duathlon Standard Distance European Championship, the European Triathlon Union (ETU) and International Powerman Association (IPA) have extended their cooperation by allocating the Qualification event for the World Games in Cali to the ETU Powerman European Championships in Horst an de Maas.

Besides the Long Distance Qualification event for Elite and U23 duathletes, there will also be a European Junior Championship for Junior athletes at the Sprint Distance.

Age Group athletes can choose between European Championships at both distances.

All events will take place on Sunday 21st April 2013.

President Renato Bertrandi said: “The ETU Executive Board is confident that the Organising Committee will deliver an excellent event: a real duathlon festival.

“The ETU and the LOC would like to invite all athletes to compete in the biggest European Duathlon event of 2013.”

John Raadschelders, President of Powerman Holland, said: “We are delighted and proud to organise the 2013 Duathlon European Championships in both Long Distance and Sprint Distance disciplines.

“It is even more special for all of us that we will go in the history books as being the very first Qualifying race in Europe for Duathlon in the World Games in Cali.

“My last words for now: If you’re tough .. be there at the start line on Horst on April 21.”

Joerie Vansteelant (BEL - pictured above) and Lucy Gossage (GBR) were crowned ETU Long Distance European Duathlon Champions in 2012.

Tim Van Hemel (BEL) and Arina Shulgina (RUS) took the U23 Sprint Duathlon titles.

For more information on the 2013 ETU Powerman Duathlon European Championships, both Long Distance and Sprint Distance, contact

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Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Gareth Smith GBR 00:58:37
2. Matthew O'Connor GBR 01:00:46
3. Harry Pink GBR 01:04:20
4. Sam Pillans GBR 01:06:06
5. Jake Pillans GBR 01:08:39
Results: 20-24 Female AG Sprint
1. Dieuwertje Poort NED 01:03:13
2. Anna Noguera ESP 01:04:28
3. Eloise Du Luart GBR 01:04:56
4. Marine Chalaye FRA 01:06:11
5. Cindy Van Der Avoort NED 01:06:49
6. Anne Reintjes NED 01:13:05
7. Vicky Smith GBR 01:17:12
Results: 20-24 Male AG Sprint
1. Tim Van Hemel BEL 00:54:36
2. Sam Valgaeren BEL 00:55:37
3. Juul Van De Kruijs NED 00:55:59
4. Vincent Van de Walle BEL 00:56:09
5. Erik Van Der Heijden NED 00:56:51
6. Ben Cockburn GBR 00:57:24
7. Thomas Derboven BEL 00:57:41
8. Joep Staps NED 00:57:42
9. Luke Pollard GBR 00:57:47
10. Benoit Bigot FRA 00:58:16
Results: 25-29 Female AG
1. Franzisca Ruf GER 04:16:17