Duathlon comes to Austria this weekend

By Paul Groves | 22 Aug, 2014


• The Duathlon European championship begins with the Team Mixed Relay competition and opening ceremony on Friday in Großraming

• All start-lists are filled.

This weekend will be dominated by the participants of the ETU POWERMAN Duathlon European Championships, 2014. On Friday, we will see the Mixed Team Relay, which promises a lot of excitement in Großraming at 4:30 pm. Aside from the big National Teams from Great Britain, Spain and the Netherlands we also have many athletes from Austria ready to race in this competition over the super-fast distance of 0. 7 km - 3. 2 km - 0. 7 km.

Because of the risk of injury some top athletes will decide at the last minute whether they race or not. So you too will find out in the last minute who really starts at the race.

Anyway the short distance promises an exciting competition. When the team competition ends the opening party with the slogan, ”Folklore meets modern age” will start. “Männer WG” from Großraming and “Schuhplattlerinnen” from Laussa will also be present. Of course the athletes from 21 nations participating in the championship will be greeted with applause by the spectators.

From 5:30 pm on all guests are invited to the pasta-party.

On Sunday there will be also a lot of foreign teams participating in the competitions. For example the German team with almost 30 athletes and the  British team with more than 40 athletes. In overall more than 400 participants will fight for the victory in the Open Wave and the people’s race. For the Age Group Competition there are 250 participants. Due to this huge demand there are no free race numbers left.

Famous sportsmen like Anthony LE DUEY (3rd place POWERMAN Austria 2012), Bernd WEISS (GER, Vice World Champion 2013) Norbert DOMNIK, Alexander FRÜHWIRTH and many more will be here.

Christian TORTOROLO (Member of the organizing team SIG Harreither) and Norbert DÜRAUER (2nd place TRI EM Kitzbühel 2014) are also candidates for championship- gold.

 22. bis 24. August 2014, Großraming – Weyer

During the race the two transition areas with enough space for 600 bikes will be full for the Elite, Age Group and Hobby competitions.

More than 750 duathletes will participate at the competitions in Weyer. During the whole weekend, including the competitions in Großraming as well, there will be more than 900 duathletes.


Organisation & registration

POWERMAN Austria / SIG Harreither

Marktplatz 8, A-3335 Weyer. Tel. ++43 (0)7355/6255-35 oder 0664 42 31 756. Fax: ++43 (0)7355/6255-90





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Results: Elite Men
1. Rob Woestenborghs BEL 01:51:49
2. Benoit Nicolas FRA 01:52:16
3. Philip Wylie GBR 01:52:17
4. Peter Østergaard DEN 01:52:58
5. Glen Laurens BEL 01:55:21
6. Cathal O'Donovan IRL 01:55:47
7. Sergio Lorenzo Prieto ESP 01:56:45
8. Francois Humblet BEL 01:56:50
9. Alberto Della Pasqua ITA 01:56:55
10. Matthias Graute GER 01:56:59
Results: Elite Women
1. Katie Hewison GBR 02:09:12
2. Andrea Mayr AUT 02:10:25
3. Sandra Levenez FRA 02:11:00
4. Julia Viellehner GER 02:12:11
5. Sara Dossena ITA 02:12:23
6. Georgina Schwiening GBR 02:13:10
7. Pien Keulstra NED 02:15:56
8. Joyce Vrijenhoek NED 02:16:03
9. Sonia Julia Sanchez ESP 02:17:37
10. Sandrina Illes AUT 02:17:54
Results: U23 Men
1. Peter Østergaard DEN 01:52:58
2. Alberto Della Pasqua ITA 01:56:55
3. Jan Petralia BEL 01:58:10
4. Andreas Theobald GER 02:00:22
5. Philipp Schwarzl AUT 02:05:52
Results: U23 Women
1. Georgina Schwiening GBR 02:13:10
2. Pien Keulstra NED 02:15:56