Bienvenida Melilla!

By Amé Venter | 15 Apr, 2021

The Spanish city will host this coming weekend the first Europe Sprint Triathlon Cup of the season thanks to the great effort done by the organisers. 

Situated on the north shore of Africa, the city of Melilla is a Spanish paradise for tourists, sun-and-sea lovers and, an amazing place for a triathlon competition. We are very pleased that, notwithstanding the many difficulties created by the present pandemic situation, the LOC was able to offer the occasion to the élite athletes to compete. Most of them had to endure, during winter, hard lockdown situations, and this is the perfect moment for them to put in practice all their capacities and their desire to challenge themselves again. In both races we have the exceptional number for a Continent’s event of 71 athletes fighting for the podium!

In the women’s race the home athlete Casillas García will have to defend the podium from the beautiful French Beaugrand and Periault, the powerful American Rappaport, the Italian Olmo of the Carabinieri Team, the Belgian Claire Mitchel, 3rd at the 2019 European Championships, the Ukranian Yuliya Yelistratova multiple winner of triathlon rankings, the Japanese Takahashi 2018 winner of the Asian Games, and the Australian Van Coevorden first in the ranking in Oceania, that will vigorously try to get a place on the podium.

In the men’s race, the Armada will be deployed to fight fiercely for a step on the podium with 20 athletes. Will they be able to fight back the attacks coming from the Hungarian Bicsák 3rd at the ITU of Yokohama, the French Bergere and Coninx winner of many ITU races, the Ukranian Pevtsov, the American Rider, Ran Sagiv the 2020 Israeli Champion, the Hungarian Faldum or the Italian Soldati?

The Europe President Renato Bertrandi is looking forward to this coming season and regarding this inaugural event said “Melilla is a special place, and this year for our European Triathlon family, will be even more.

It is the first Triathlon European Cup in 2021 and we have an exceptional field of Athletes, both male and female.

I want to thank the city of Melilla for the strong commitment to host the race and the Spanish Federation for all the support in the set up of all the necessary requirements in order to respect all the safety recommendations .

A big thank you to all the Athletes that, in this challenging period, will be attending our European Cup.

Suerte to All !”

The sprint race has a beach start with a clockwise lap of 750 m. There will be a flow through transition so as to keep athletes to move forward.

The bike course a flat 4 laps of 4.7 km.

The run course a flat 2 laps of 2.5 km.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation the World Triathlon Medical Committee has made mandatory for all the athletes to submit a pre-event medical certificate that attests that the person has performed an antigenic or PRC swap 72 hours before the athletes’ travel to Melilla. There will be temperature and oxygen saturation level checks every time the athletes and coaches are on site. The athletes briefing is scheduled online 17, April, from12,30 to 1 pm. 

The women’s race start is at 4.30 pm. The men’s race start is at 7 pm.

For sure we are very excited to be able to see all this incredible field of triathletes coming from all over the world in action in the inaugural season’s race of Europe. Mucha suerte to all of you! 

Remember that it is always a pleasure to receive and share your own pictures and videos pre and post competition!

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