Bienvenida Europe Cup Barcelona!

By | 06 Oct, 2021

This coming weekend another stunning appointment for the European Triathlon which will move again to Spain in Barcelona! Is a city on the coast of Northeastern Spain.It is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain. The event has been confirmed by the Barcelona City Council and the FETRI, organizers of the event, and that it will have collaboration with the European Triathlon Union (ETU), the Catalan Triathlon Federation.

Briefing will take place virtually on Saturday, because of COVID-19. The presentation will be available here:

The swim will be a beach start, the athletes will complete one lap in a clockwise direction (see picture below). The water temperature is expected to be around 22.9° degrees Celsius which is the average water temperature for this time of the year.


The bike course consists of 4 laps of which each lap is 5km (see picture below).


The runs course will take place on asphalt and consist of 2 laps of 5km each. There will be 2 aid stations positioned next to the route giving athletes several opportunities to replenish (see picture below).


(1) TRANSITION AREA (see the picture below).
(2) ATHLETE’S LOUNGE (see the picture below): will be allocated next to Agapito Fernández Football Field (Venue). There will be drinks and fruit.

(3) ELITE ATHLETES’ RACE PACKAGE: (see the picture below) athletes’ race package will be distributed at the Front Maritim Hotel. Race package will include: tattoos for both legs and both arms, stickers and accreditation.                          


On Sunday October 10, 2021 both the Elite male and female events will take place.

A brief compacted competition schedule, can be seen below:

For the full schedule please look in the athletes guide that can be found here:

With new and exciting race on the calendar we can enjoy a great line up of athletes this weekend! On the starting list there are 77 female athletes including Olivia Mathias (who was 6th in HAMBURG WASSER 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg), Natalie Van Coevorden (who was 7th in HAMBURG WASSER 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg) and Nina Eim (who was 10th in 2021 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia). While on the male line up we have 76 total including Roberto Sanchez Mantecon (who was 2nd in 2021 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia), Genis Grau (who was 2nd in 2021 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships Targu Mures), Sergio Baxter Cabrera (who was 4th in 2021 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia) and Jonas Breinlinger (who was 15th in HAMBURG WASSER 2021 World Triathlon Championship Series Hamburg), amongst other great athletes.

The Organizing Committee will once again establish a strict protocol for the celebration of the event where the maximum hygienic-sanitary measures can be guaranteed, with safety as a fundamental priority.


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10 Oct, 2021 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. David Castro Fajardo ESP 00:51:39
2. Connor Bentley GBR 00:51:50
3. Jamie Riddle RSA 00:51:54
4. Yanis Seguin FRA 00:51:58
5. Louis Vitiello FRA 00:51:59
6. Jonas Breinlinger GER 00:52:06
7. Jannik Schaufler GER 00:52:09
8. Genis Grau ESP 00:52:10
9. Jack Willis GBR 00:52:11
10. Nathan Grayel FRA 00:52:13
Results: Elite Women
1. Nina Eim GER 00:57:42
2. Lena Meißner GER 00:57:44
3. Olivia Mathias GBR 00:57:44
4. Sophie Alden GBR 00:57:50
5. Jeanne Lehair FRA 00:58:05
6. María Casals Mojica ESP 00:58:07
7. Natalie Van Coevorden AUS 00:58:09
8. Nora Gmür SUI 00:58:12
9. Charlotte McShane AUS 00:58:13
10. Kate Waugh GBR 00:58:16
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