Belgian triathlon loses a pioneer, rest in peace, Eddy

By Paul Groves | 01 Sep, 2017

Belgian triathlon loses a pioneer, rest in peace, Eddy

I had the great pleasure of working with Eddy on a number of occasions. Always knowledgeable, always ready to share his experience and always, once the race was over, ready to relax and share the day’s events with you. He had a wonderful eye for the small details of a race. I liked him a lot and I will miss him. Indeed, we will all miss him.

From the Belgian triathlon community comes this touching piece.

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Eddy Senecaut

Wednesday evening, we heard the terrible news that Eddy Senecaut had passed away after a determined battle against an invincible disease; just 4 days before his seventieth birthday. With the passing of Eddy, the Belgian triathlon community loses one of its pioneers. (ED. In fact, the wider triathlon community has lost one of its closest friends) In his sporting career,

Eddy performed several roles; from referee to board member and he looked after and trained hundreds of youth athletes in international events. He was always correct but at the same time a very amiable guy who many triathletes and their families and supporters were happy to see. We will miss him unbelievably.

Eddy would have been 70 in September this year. In recent years, after his wife’s earlier death, he was less and less visible on triathlons. When he was at the races, it was always good to chat with Eddy. He was a man who did not like to put himself in the spotlight, but was always there for the athletes. This was certainly the case in international events. Hundreds of youth and junior athletes were helped by Eddy Senecaut during international selections. He was a driver, coach and father at the same time.

You could read that five years ago when he decided to step down from his administrative function within the VTDL. “After 25 years, it’s been enough,” Eddy told us then. “It was unforgettable years with unbelievable memories that I’ll never forget.” Well, Eddy, the same goes for us. We will keep you warm memories and never forget you.

We wish his son Dave and Dave’s wife Sarah and the rest of the family a lot of strength at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Eddy.

Jef Cleemput, (one of the original commentators in Belgium) also has fond memories of Eddy. “The fact that I could not find many photos in my Eddy’s archive really goes to show that he was a man who would like to work outside the picture, behind the scenes. A tough guy, a strict guy but fair at all times. We only really got to know and appreciate each other when he encouraged me to leave the Coast Triathlon as a coach because I was just too much Triamo. A story after which we had a lot of fun in the exclusive club of triathlon pioneers. Eddy thank you! “

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