Back to back joy for Sheedy-Ryan in Banyoles

By David Peddie | 01 Aug, 2011

Felicity Sheedy-Ryan strode to another comprehensive victory in the Banyoles European Cup to complete a fantastic week. The Australian made it back to back victories following her success in Geneva last week.

World Champion Javier Gomez delighted the home crowd with victory in the Men’s race in a perfect warm up for next week’s ITU World Championships Series in London.

Women’s Elite Review

The women’s race started at 9.45 in front of a grand audience. A group of six triathletes were first out of the water; Gaia Peron and Charlotte Bonin (ITA), Kerry Lang (GBR), Anna Godoy and Carolina Routier (ESP) and Radka Vodickova (CZE).

Anna Godoy lost contact during the first lap of the cycling race and was caught up by the chasing group. The remaining five continued to cycle together at the front for the duration of the cycle until the last lap, where Sheedy-Ryan pounced. She had led the chasing pack and did a tremendous job to close the gap, resulting in a group of 22 athletes arriving together into the second transition.

The Australian was the fastest in the transition and was the first one out on the run. From here on in she controlled the race and crossed the finishing line alone in 1h 58’ 11’’.

Irina Abysova (RUS) and Radka Vodickova (CZE) completed the podium.

Men’s Elite Review

The men’s race started at 12.45. Richard Varga (SVK) and Javier Gomez (ESP) were fasted around the lake for the swim, quickly distancing themselves from the rest of the pack and exiting the water with around 40 seconds of an advantage.

The two leaders remained together during the first cycling lap. The second big group of triathletes worked hard to chase down the leaders and by the end of the second lap the two groups came together.

As the cycle continued there were many different rhythm changes with several athletes trying hard to make a break. Eventually, Ricardo Hernandez (ESP) succeeded in a break away and along with Luca Facchinetti (ITA) and Francisco Fernandez-Cortes (ESP), they arrived first into transition some thirty seconds ahead of the chasing pack.

But into the run and Javier Gomez showed his class, taking a joint lead with Etienne Diemunsch (FRA) after the first lap. Diemunsch couldn’t stick with Gomez and once the Spaniard accelerated the race was his. Diemunsch maintained his focus and regained his rhythm to come home in a comfortable second place.

For the third and final podium place the crowd were treated to a 200m sprint finish between three athletes. Aaron Harris (GBR) just sneaked home ahead of José-Miguel Perez (ESP) in 4th and Thomas Bishop (GBR) in 5th.

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31 Jul, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Women
1. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan AUS 01:58:11
2. Irina Abysova RUS 01:58:52
3. Radka Vodickova CZE 01:59:14
4. Natalie Van Coevorden AUS 01:59:24
5. Liubov Polyanskaya RUS 01:59:37
6. Gaia Peron TUR 01:59:45
7. Marta Jimenez Jimenez ESP 01:59:55
8. Kerry Lang GBR 02:00:26
9. Maria Pujol ESP 02:00:34
10. Maria Areosa POR 02:00:48
Results: Elite Men
1. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:45:49
2. Etienne Diemunsch FRA 01:46:28
3. Aaron Harris GBR 01:47:07
4. Jose Miguel Perez ESP 01:47:08
5. Thomas Bishop GBR 01:47:11
6. Todd Leckie GBR 01:47:37
7. Peter Kerr AUS 01:47:41
8. Peter Croes BEL 01:47:41
9. Mario Mola ESP 01:47:50
10. Jorge Naranjo Vichot ESP 01:47:56