Alsdorf ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships

By Amé Venter | 04 Oct, 2020

TheEuropean Duathlon Mid-Distance Championships will take place in Alsdorf, Germany. On August 15th, Powerman Alsdorf will host the European Duathlon Championships of 10k running, 60k cycling, 10k running for the 5th time besides this it will also be the German championships. Additionally, the event organizer Marathon-Club Eschweiler will provide an open sprint race of 5k running, 20k cycling and 5k running.
All races will take place in the main event area of Alsdorf. The running part will start from the memorial square close to the Annapark, and the new cycling course is a true highlight.
“We created a spectator-friendly race set up: Due to close proximity of the running and cycling course, fans are able to watch both disciplines and experience the great atmosphere at the finish line” Patrick Thevis, race director. “We are extremely happy about the commitment and loyalty of all athletes in these extraordinary circumstances and we are determined to organize the best possible race on April 15th” Patrick Thevis . “However, the well-being of our athletes is most important to us and we hope to see all of them healthy and excited for the race in Alsdorf back in August 2021.”

“After cancelling the German Duathlon Championships this year, we are glad that Powerman Alsdorf did overcome the challenges of this difficult year 2020. Thus, we are looking forward even more to a great championship race in the upcoming year. Especially within the last weeks, there has been a motivating, positive drive in the triathlon community in Germany: New racing formats have been established successfully and enabled duathletes and triathletes to still compete this summer. I am convinced and optimistic that we and all athletes will experience a great championship event in Alsdorf next year” - Bernd Knapp, vice president of the German Duathlon Association and head of the non-professional athletes department.
”It has been a difficult year for everyone, everywhere but the opportunity of looking forwards with positive hope is a good feeling. The Alsdorf ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships has been confirmed for 2021 and I know many athletes will be thrilled to see the race coming to this city.

It will be an interesting race and a great opportunity to see how all those hours of turbo-training have paid off. I imagine that for many, the 2021 bike split will be a great improvement on previous times.
The history of co-operation between ETU and Powerman is a long one. With a trusted and high-quality delivery, our athletes can be assured of a well-prepared course, worthy of the title, “European Championships”.
For many this year, the plans were to race Alsdorf as a “warm-up” for Zofingen. It would be really great if this could be the same for 2021, as this 10k –60k –10k format is a perfect stepping stone on the journey to “the Big One” in Switzerland. With ITU also rewarding this distance with World Championship status, the whole season of duathlon races now has a greater connected importance.
Having been recognised in Germany as the ideal venue for its own national championships, we can see that Alsdorf is a tried and tested event. Reports came back to show that it was Germany’s biggest duathlon in 2019. The LOC is strong and determined and the “easy to get to” location is attractive to athletes from many countries. We can also expect a highly-trained team of Technical Officials to be present and to ensure that the race is a safe and fair one.I would like to extend my thanks to Patrick Thevis and his team in Alsdorf and of course to the city authorities without whose continued support we simply could not have events like this on the ETU Race Calendar. Alsdorf is an ancient city, dating back to, I believe, 1191 and I am very happy indeed that such an ancient city will host such a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive sport. I wish everyone a very successful trip to the 2021 ETU-Powerman Alsdorf Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships.” – Renato Bertrandi, ETU President

We hope to see you in Alsdorf next year for the Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships