A Great Weekend of racing: European Titles won in Almere and Riva del Garda

By | 14 Sep, 2023

This past weekend, the European triathlon scene roared to life with two major events that left spectators on the edge of their seats. Athletes from around Europe converged on Almere, Netherlands, and the picturesque Riva del Garda, Italy, to compete in the European Cross Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, and Long Distance Challenge Championships. These events promised intense competition, gripping rivalries, and inspiring performances, and they certainly delivered.

In Almere, professional athletes and Age Groups gathered for Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, where they battled for the coveted title of Europe Triathlon Long Distance Champion. The elite men’s race was a spectacle of speed and endurance, with Menno Koolhaas of the Netherlands emerging as the victor. Koolhaas’s impressive time of 7 hours, 36 minutes, and 36 seconds secured his place at the top of the podium. This victory added to his growing list of achievements in the sport and solidified his status as a rising star.

Kieran Lindars from Great Britain, the defending champion, put up a valiant fight but ultimately secured the second spot on the podium with a time of 7 hours, 48 minutes, and 30 seconds. The bronze medal went to Milan Brons, also from the Netherlands, who crossed the finish line in 7 hours, 49 minutes, and 49 seconds. The competition was fierce, and these athletes pushed themselves to their limits in pursuit of the European title.

In the elite women’s category, Els Visser of the Netherlands emerged as the champion with a remarkable time of 8 hours, 36 minutes, and 24 seconds. Visser’s victory was particularly sweet as she had narrowly missed the title in 2019. She demonstrated exceptional strength and determination throughout the race. Marlene De Boer, also from the Netherlands, claimed the silver medal, while Katrine Græsbøll Christensen of Denmark secured the bronze.

The results of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam showcased the depth of talent and passion in the European long-distance triathlon racing scene. Athletes from various nations gave it their all, making it a truly international competition. As we await the medal tables for the overall age group nations standings, it’s clear that European triathlon is alive and thriving.

Nestled between the stunning Lake Garda and the majestic Brenta Dolomites, Riva del Garda, Italy, played host to the Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon Championships. The picturesque setting added to the allure of these events, making them not only about competition but also an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of the region.

In the elite men’s Cross Triathlon, Michele Bonacina of Italy claimed the top spot with a time of 1 hour, 32 minutes, and 52 seconds. Lukas Kocar from the Czech Republic and Theo Dupras from France rounded out the podium, finishing second and third, respectively. The elite women’s Cross Triathlon saw Marta Menditto of Italy secure the gold medal, with Anna Zehnder of Switzerland taking silver, and Romy Spoelder of the Netherlands earning the bronze.

In the Age Group races many athletes from different countries battled it out on the same race course as the elites, making it truly a unique opportunity to race and compare against the best. Many made it to the finish line where fans and family awaited to bring them home and celebrate their achievements.

These races in Riva del Garda showcased the diversity of talent in the cross triathlon and duathlon disciplines, with athletes from different nations excelling on the challenging courses.

As the dust settles on this weekend of multisport excellence, we eagerly anticipate the release of the medal tables for the overall age group nations standings. These tables will provide a comprehensive look at how different countries performed across all the various age group championships, highlighting the depth and breadth of talent in European triathlon.

The past weekend’s events in Almere and Riva del Garda exemplified the spirit of competition, the thrill of victory, and the determination of athletes to push themselves to their limits. It was a celebration of triathlon in all its forms, from long-distance racing to cross triathlon and duathlon, and it showcased the incredible athletes who continue to inspire us with their dedication and passion for the sport. As the triathlon community looks ahead to future events, we can be sure that the excitement and excellence on display this past weekend will continue to fuel the multisport movement in Europe and beyond.

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09 - Sep, 2023 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Michele Bonacina ITA 01:32:52
2. Lukas Kocar CZE 01:33:25
3. Theo Dupras FRA 01:33:43
4. Gaetan Vivien FRA 01:36:53
5. Niccolò Sancisi ITA 01:37:33
6. Daniel Kraviansky SVK 01:38:57
7. Joep Staps NED 01:40:36
8. Matteo Sfregola ITA 01:40:47
9. Samuel Jud SUI 01:40:59
10. Hugo Bourjon FRA 01:41:15
Results: Elite Women
1. Marta Menditto ITA 01:48:00
2. Anna Zehnder SUI 01:52:24
3. Romy Spoelder NED 01:52:46
4. Aneta Grabmuller Soldati CZE 01:52:57
5. Ségolène Leberon FRA 01:54:43
6. Carina Wasle AUT 01:56:07
7. Beatriz Ferreira POR 01:57:23
8. Stepanka Bisova CZE 02:00:32
9. Romane Cizeron FRA 02:00:42
10. Willemijn Fuite NED 02:06:59
Results: U23 Men
1. Niccolò Sancisi ITA 01:37:33
2. Matteo Sfregola ITA 01:40:47
3. Hugo Bourjon FRA 01:41:15
4. Corentin Lefer FRA 01:42:46
5. Lucas Goené NED 01:44:33
6. Hugo Jan Bosscher NED 01:46:12
7. Jan Chrzanowski POL 01:46:58
Results: U23 Women
1. Romy Spoelder NED 01:52:46
2. Beatriz Ferreira POR 01:57:23
3. Stepanka Bisova CZE 02:00:32
4. Willemijn Fuite NED 02:06:59
DNF. Noemi Bogiatto ITA DNF
Results: Junior Men
1. Lukas Lanzinger ITA 00:53:50
2. Simeone Romano ITA 00:54:13
3. Manuel Cossu ITA 00:54:23
4. Davide Catalano ITA 00:54:40
5. Nicolò Galli ITA 00:54:53
6. Andrej Knapcok SVK 00:56:20
7. Kristian Brezani SVK 00:56:54
8. Noel Sterk NED 00:58:08
9. Jakub Miklencic SVK 00:58:59
10. Lovro Petrlić CRO 01:01:58
Results: Junior Women
1. Anna Gazzari ITA 01:05:41
2. Giulia Bergamin ITA 01:06:33
3. Silvia Turbiglio ITA 01:08:22
4. Marina Navas Martin-Lomeña ESP 01:13:18