2023 Europe Triathlon Cup/Junior Cup Yenisehir Race Rescheduled for October 21-22

By | 13 Mar, 2023

Yenisehir, Turkey - The Triathlon European Cup in Yenisehir, originally scheduled for April 8-9, has been rescheduled to October 21-22, following the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

The new date for the race is just one week after the 2023 Europe Triathlon Cup Alanya, providing athletes with the opportunity to compete twice in Turkey.

Renato Bertrandi, President of the European Triathlon Union, expressed his gratitude to the region, the city, and the Turkish Federation for their efforts to keep the race in place despite the challenges.

“It has been a tremendous effort made by the Region, the City, the Turkish Federation to keep the race in place with the goal to show to the affected Region that life will be back to normality after the tragedy that has affected our Turkish friends”, Bertrandi said.

Bayram Yalçınkaya, President of the Turkish Triathlon Federation, added his appreciation for the support.

“We really thank you for all the efforts to keep Yenesheir in our calendar,” Yalçınkaya said. “The race, according to your strategy, will take place the weekend after Alania: this is good as the Athletes might stay in Turkey to race in 2 weekends”.

The rescheduled race promises to be an exciting and competitive event, with top athletes from across Europe and beyond set to compete in Yenisehir.

For more information about the 2023 Europe Triathlon Cup/Junior Cup Yenisehir Race, please check out the dedicated event page.

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