2021 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships Târgu Mures

By Amé Venter | 08 Dec, 2020

After Europe Triathlon re-opened the bids for the race that still required organizers, we can now inform you that we will return to the venue of the multisport festival last year, Târgu Mures. Târgu Mures will be hosting the 2021 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships. The event will take place from 02 until 04 July 2021.

“Targu Mureș is one of the best places to race în Europe and a triathlon friendly city where we have a great tradition with internațional triathlon events. We are happy that în 2021 we will continue this tradition with the Duathlon EC. Big international events are part of our strategy to devolope triathlon în România.” - President of Triathlon Romania

There will be a sprint distance event for the elite, the U23, junior, para triathlon and age groupers. Additionally, age groupers will have a standard distance too.