2014 Tiszaujvaros ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup

By Paul Groves | 10 Aug, 2014

Hungary dominates the Junior Men’s Race.

Three continents take the podium in the Junior Women’s Race

Tiszaujvaros – not many can get this difficult pronunciation right and so worldwide the event is known, affectionately, as Tizzy. On the European and World schedule this is an event that has run for years and has a very special place in the hearts of athletes who have raced here and in the hearts of athletes who aspire to race here one day.

The city devotes the first ten days of August to a variety of sports. The city opens its arms to athletes from all over the world and then, once all the hard work is done, celebrates with its own very special after-race party.
The format for the triathletes racing in the Junior Category is for them to first test themselves over the semi -finals. A two-lap swim of 500m, then one loop of 12k on the bike to finish with 2 laps to make up 3.2k on the run. Then, once the seeding has taken place the final is over the same distance but a slightly different course. If we thought the Team Relays were tight and exciting, then this format, fast and furious, is just as visually thrilling. TV cameras around the course caught the images.

30 women made it to the final, representing 12 nations and with athletes coming from as far afield as New Zealand and Canada.

A clear lead from the water was established by Kristina URSIC (SLO), with six following her close by. It would be from that group of Anabel KNOLL (GER), Emy LEGAULT (CAN), Dóra FUCHS (HUN), Elise SALT (NZL), Dóra ZELOVICS (HUN) and Henrietta HARGITAI (HUN) that the medals would come.

With the fastest run of the day being posted by Salt, it was the Kiwi who took a comfortable gold. Silver went to Legault and Knoll took bronze with ease. Ursic, having worked hard on the swim and held it on the bike, placed 6th after a tough run.

Results Junior Women


In the men’s race the semi-finals delivered 30 athletes from 14 nations and as with the women’s race, we saw representation from more than just Europe. It was Kiwi Tayler REID who led out of the water, shoulder to shoulder with the Polish athlete Michał OLIWA. On their toes were the Hungarian athletes Márk DÉVAY and Patrik  ZÉKÁNY NAGY. In the top ten out of the water it was Hungarian domination and this would play an important role in the outcome of the race.

It was Bence BICSÁK who moved to the front in the run and devastated the field with the fastest run of the day to take gold 5 seconds ahead of the Kiwi Reid. Dévay took bronze. The athletes securing places on the podium were well clear of the chase pack.


Results Junior Men

Tizzy is over for another year but if you want to see fast and exciting racing in a city that dedicates itself to sport and where the party will go on until dawn, then make a note in your diaries.

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10 - Aug, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: Final Junior Men
1. Adrien Briffod SUI 00:37:23
2. Grant Sheldon GBR 00:37:24
3. István Király HUN 00:37:25
4. Kristóf Anheuer HUN 00:37:32
5. Morgan Davies GBR 00:37:34
6. Delian Stateff ITA 00:37:35
7. Miles Burton GBR 00:37:43
8. Stefan Konrad GER 00:37:53
9. Itamar Alster ISR 00:38:00
10. Ron Lewinsohn ISR 00:38:06
Results: Final Junior Women
1. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 00:40:49
2. Sophie Coldwell GBR 00:41:31
3. Holly Grice AUS 00:41:37
4. Jodie Duff AUS 00:42:07
5. Sophie Malowiecki AUS 00:42:23
6. Jaz Hedgeland AUS 00:42:24
7. Sveva Fascetti ITA 00:42:47
8. Sian Rainsley GBR 00:42:54
9. Kristin Ranwig GER 00:43:00
10. Elisa Marcon ITA 00:43:01
Results: Semifinal 1 Junior Men
1. Adrien Briffod SUI 00:35:55
2. Frantisek Linduska CZE 00:35:55
3. Alexey Kalistratov RUS 00:36:01
4. Kristóf Anheuer HUN 00:36:04
5. Luke Penney GBR 00:36:05
6. Bence Lehmann HUN 00:36:07
7. Max Fetzer GER 00:36:08
8. Jordan Hull GBR 00:36:09
9. Riccardo Natari ITA 00:36:16
10. Milan Tomin SRB 00:36:53
Results: Semifinal 2 Junior Men
1. Gordon Benson GBR 00:35:30
2. Morgan Davies GBR 00:35:33
3. Stefan Konrad GER 00:35:34
4. Lasse Lührs GER 00:35:37
5. Alexandre Nobre POR 00:35:38
6. Levente Szatmári HUN 00:35:39
7. Itamar Alster ISR 00:35:40
8. James Teagle GBR 00:35:43
9. Márk Dévay HUN 00:35:49
10. Matthew Baker AUS 00:36:29
Results: Semifinal 3 Junior Men
1. Miles Burton GBR 00:36:09
2. Jacob Birtwhistle AUS 00:36:09
3. Kieran Lindars GBR 00:36:17
4. Eddie Van Heerden RSA 00:36:18
5. Ron Lewinsohn ISR 00:36:21
6. István Király HUN 00:36:22
7. Uli Hagmann GER 00:36:25
8. Dávid Pap HUN 00:36:27
9. Sylvain Fridelance SUI 00:37:08
10. Hanre Herbst RSA 00:37:17
Results: Semifinal 4 Junior Men
1. Grant Sheldon GBR 00:35:43
2. Joel Tobin White AUS 00:35:45
3. Luke Willian AUS 00:35:45
4. Delian Stateff ITA 00:35:49
5. Arthur De Jaegher BEL 00:35:56
6. Lukas Pertl AUT 00:35:59
7. Alex Hill GBR 00:36:05
8. Manoel Messias BRA 00:36:12
9. Patrik Zékány-Nagy HUN 00:36:29
10. Aliaksander Dakhno BLR 00:36:40
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