2013 Besançon ITU Paratriathlon International Event

By David Peddie | 21 May, 2013

Europe hosted its first ITU International Paratriathlon Event in France this weekend.

It was also the first ever Paratriathlon National Championships that France has held in accordance with ITU compliance. The race served as a qualifier for France’s Paratriathlon Elite National Team as well as European Championships in Alanya.

Despite cold, wet conditions that forced race organisers to change the race from a triathlon to a 5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km duathlon, 46 athletes turned out for the race. The event was well supported by the city of Besancon and was hailed as a success by athletes and triathlon officials.

For a full list of results, click here.

Words courtesy of Erin Greene/ITU

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19 May, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-3
1. Elise Marc FRA 01:34:28
Results: Paratriathlon Female TRI-4
1. Edith Dasse FRA 01:24:45
2. Gwladys Lemoussu FRA 01:30:07
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-1
1. Ahmed Andaloussi H1 FRA 01:25:13
2. Christophe Delestre FRA 01:37:34
3. Emeric Jego FRA 02:12:41
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-2
1. Andrea Devicenzi ITA 01:33:32
2. David Peiffer FRA 01:35:43
Results: Paratriathlon Male TRI-3
1. Michele Ferrarin ITA 01:12:11
2. Geoffrey Wersy FRA 01:18:01
3. Raphaël Chaussin FRA 01:22:41
4. Cedric Farrudja FRA 01:23:00
5. William Chipot FRA 01:58:55
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