Yelistratova and Blummenfelt take sprint glory in Tartu

By David Peddie | 21 Jul, 2013

Yuliya Yelistratova (UKR) and Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) were the speed demons in Tartu as they won gold in the final European Sprint Cup of the year.

It was a watershed moment for a number of athletes, with career high finishes the order of the day.

For Yelistratova, this is her first Sprint win and her first European victory since 2010, marking a gradual and steady return to form over the last six months.

The Ukrainian pipped Malgorzata Otworowska (POL) to victory but the Polish athlete will be absolutely thrilled with what is a career best result. It is her highest ever finish in an International European race and her first podium in the Elite category.

The impressive Ivana Kuriackova (SVK) completed the podium in third place. It is the Slovakian’s sixth podium of the season and her first as an Elite athlete.

In the Men’s race, Kristian Blummenfelt demonstrated his lightning quick pace to win his first Sprint Cup victory and the 4th win of his career.

The Norwegian dazzled throughout and had enough of a lead to slow up at the finish line.

That gave Patrick Rhyner (SUI) the honour of posting the fastest run split of the day and it was enough to secure second place, his first ever European podium and a career best finish.

Rhyner finished just ahead of Italy’s Andrea Secchiero who settled for third place.

He has impressed with two top seven finishes in his previous two Sprint Cups and he showed just enough speed here to breakthrough onto the podium.

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21 Jul, 2013 • event page
Results: Elite Men
1. Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 00:55:36
2. Patrick Rhyner SUI 00:55:47
3. Andrea Secchiero ITA 00:55:50
4. Dylan Evans AUS 00:55:59
5. Danilo Brustolon ITA 00:56:02
6. Csaba Kuttor HUN 00:56:05
7. Aliaksandr Vasilevich BLR 00:56:07
8. Anton Vitolin UKR 00:56:11
9. Conor Murphy IRL 00:56:15
10. Max Biewer LUX 00:56:22
Results: Elite Women
1. Yuliya Yelistratova UKR 01:02:40
2. Malgorzata Otworowska POL 01:02:57
3. Ivana Kuriackova SVK 01:03:07
4. Dominika Jamnicky CAN 01:03:24
5. Alessia Orla ITA 01:03:46
6. Lotte Miller NOR 01:03:57
7. Anna Grzesiak POL 01:04:10
8. Olga Dmitrieva RUS 01:04:19
9. Zsanett Bragmayer HUN 01:04:29
10. Ellie Salthouse AUS 01:04:43