By | 23 May, 2022
4 years in a row Olsztyn has been hosting successfully a Europe Triathlon Cup and Europe Triathlon Junior Cup.

For the 5 year anniversary Olsztyn will level up the event by hosting the Europe Triathlon Championships. Elite, U23 and junior athletes will race in a super-sprint semi-final and final format, while the juniors also will have the mixed relay Championships, Age Group athletes will have the standard distance European Championships and also the Paratriathletes will have their Championships in Olsztyn.

The event will take place in beautiful Olsztyn (Poland). The schedule of the event includes:
1) Elite/U23 and Junior Supersprint semifinals (Friday / 27.05.2022)
2) Elite/U23 and Junior Supersprint finals (Saturday / 28.05.2022)
3) Junior Mixed Relay (Sunday / 29.05.2022)
4) Paratriathlon (Sprint) (Date TBA)
5) Age-Group Standard (Sunday / 29.05.2022)

Olsztyn is the largest city and the capital of region of Warmia and Mazury. In the city of 650 years history live over 170 thousands people. Most famous monuments of Olsztyn are gothic castle, Cathedral of Saint Jacob and Upper Gate located on the boarder of old city walls.
The biggest advantage of the city is its unique location among the forests and the lakes. 12 (and some people say that even 15!) lakes and City Forest – one of the biggest European park are located within the borders of Olsztyn. To accent those advantages, the vision of Olsztyn development extracts to the conception of city garden. The defensive architecture of the XIV-century’s Warmia, unrepeatable XIX- and XX-century secession and interesting performances, concerts and exhibitions – all of that cause tourists, who want cameral atmosphere and tranquility, to seek in Olsztyn the possibility of the escape from the daily routine’s noise. Strolling through the streets of the Old City they may admire the rests of city walls, castle’s massive construction or overlooking the buildings cathedral’s copula. Facing the original astronomical plaque (totally unique hand-made by Nicolaus Copernicus!) they have a chance to feel the blow of the history and later discover its present “face” at Olsztyn’s planetarium.

Nicolaus Copernicus is the most famous person in the history of Olsztyn, where he managed goods and defended the city from Teutonic forces. Here he carried out his great researches and wrote magnificent works. Today four Olsztyn’s colleges maintain this science tradition. Over 45 thousands people study in the largest of them – University of Warmia and Mazury.

Olsztyn is worth visiting – a genuinely “Natural Garden!”.

The elite men start list sees some great athletes like Genis Grau from Spain and Nicola Azzano from Italy, both had some top level results in the 2021 season. The elite women’s race will see a full German team ready to take the top spots of the podium. The two “finish line jumping” juniors, De Nigro from Italy and Liepa from Latvia, will also be competing in the Junior men’s race. Tilda Mansonn, amongst other great triathletes, will be taking part in the Junior women’s race. We also can’t wait to see all Age Groupers out on the racecourse on Sunday!

For everyone racing, the briefing will be available the day before the event at the below links:

Mixed Relay:

See you there…it’s nearly time to get on the startline!

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27 - May, 2022 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Valentin Wernz GER 00:23:27
2. Barclay Izzard GBR 00:23:29
3. Anthony Pujades FRA 00:23:30
4. Simon Westermann SUI 00:23:31
5. Simon Henseleit GER 00:23:32
6. Daniel Dixon GBR 00:23:37
7. Rostislav Pevtsov AZE 00:23:38
8. Ricardo Batista POR 00:23:39
9. Mitch Kolkman NED 00:23:40
10. Nicolò Strada ITA 00:23:44
Results: Rankings Only Junior Men
1. Léo Fernandez FRA 00:23:35
2. Euan De Nigro ITA 00:23:36
3. Gaspard Tharreau FRA 00:23:36
4. Ben Cumberland GBR 00:23:36
5. Fabian Schönke GER 00:23:36
6. Niels Van Lanen NED 00:23:36
7. Joe Sherman GBR 00:23:36
8. Pablo Isotton FRA 00:23:36
9. Fiorenzo Angelini ITA 00:23:36
10. Raf De Dobbelaere BEL 00:23:36
Results: Rankings Only Junior Women
1. Tilda Månsson SWE 00:25:46
2. Ilona Hadhoum FRA 00:25:52
3. Julia Bröcker GER 00:25:52
4. Myral Greco ITA 00:25:52
5. Jule Behrens GER 00:25:52
6. Manon Laporte FRA 00:25:52
7. Bethany Cook GBR 00:25:52
8. Márta Kropkó HUN 00:25:52
9. Lizzy Edge GBR 00:25:52
10. Martha Calton-Seal GBR 00:25:52
Results: Rankings Only Male
1. Valentin Wernz GER 00:23:27
2. Barclay Izzard GBR 00:23:29
3. Anthony Pujades FRA 00:23:29
4. Simon Westermann SUI 00:23:29
5. Simon Henseleit GER 00:23:29
6. Daniel Dixon GBR 00:23:29
7. Rostislav Pevtsov AZE 00:23:29
8. Ricardo Batista POR 00:23:29
9. Mitch Kolkman NED 00:23:29
10. Nicolò Strada ITA 00:23:29
Results: Rankings Only Female
1. Nina Eim GER 00:25:12
2. Lena Meißner GER 00:25:16
3. Cathia Schär SUI 00:25:16
4. Angelica Prestia ITA 00:25:16
5. Alissa Konig SUI 00:25:16
6. Nora Gmür SUI 00:25:16
7. Lisa Tertsch GER 00:25:16
8. Iona Miller GBR 00:25:16
9. Madalena Amaral Almeida POR 00:25:16
10. Noelia Juan ESP 00:25:16
Results: Rankings Only U23 Men
16. Tjebbe Kaindl AUT 00:23:28
17. Chris Ziehmer GER 00:23:28
18. Victor Goené NED 00:23:28
19. Johannes Sikk EST 00:23:28
20. Jimmy Lund GBR 00:23:28
21. Ben Fäh SUI 00:23:28
22. Jan Bader AUT 00:23:28
23. Peter Luftensteiner AUT 00:23:28
24. James Kadziak POL 00:23:28
25. Mateusz Gluszkowski POL 00:23:28