The first race of this season this weekend in Riga

By Amé Venter | 14 Aug, 2020

This weekend we see the very welcome return of international racing to Riga. The first ETU event since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The event was first hosted in 2015, and each year since. The LOC has worked hard to improve the event over the years but more importantly, ensured that the event can take place in the unpredictable time we are currently facing.


The event is a vital addition to the Baltic Region, and as the international interest grows the domestic popularity increases. To prepare for a weekend full of great racing, have a look at what the atmosphere and racing was like in 2019.

The organisers have once again got the backing of one of the biggest hotel chains in the world and the doors of the Radisson Blu Daugava will welcome athletes from 8 nations.

12 Elite men and 13 Elite females will start the event on Sunday 16 August 2020. It’s been a unique season and the events have been limited this year. It is hard to pinpoint the condition of the athletes and what the racing will be like on Sunday. This means that we will have exciting racing and a new challenge to see how the COVID-19 regulations put in place will work.

For the full start list, please click here.

The racing will take place in the Mezaparks. This is a prestigious and beautiful neighborhood in Riga and is situated next to Lake Kisezers. Below is a short overview of the swim-, bike-, and run course.

The swim will start on the beach and shallow lake shore. Thereafter the athletes will swim 1 lap of 375m in a clockwise direction. The predicted water temperature for this time of the year is 21/22°C.

The bike will consist of 3 laps through the park on flat asphalt surfaces. This will be a draft legal race.

Lastly, the run will also take place on the flat asphalt paths in the park. The run will also consist of three laps like the bike.

For more information please refer to the Athlete’s guide.

Last but not least is a list of the provisions to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This way we can make sure to end a great weekend of racing positively. The provisions are:

●      All payments are made electronically in advance;

●      Event participants, who are not athletes, coaches and staff, should maintain a 2m distance and use a face mask;

●      Do not crowd the event venues – the registration, any entrances/exits, bathrooms, transition area, athletes’ lounge etc.;

●      The event cannot be attended by individuals under self-isolation, home quarantine or persons who are experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection;

●      Participants (or their representatives) confirm with their signature that the athlete has not been instructed to be in self-isolation, home quarantine or isolation and is not experiencing symptoms of respiratory infection. They will also be asked to provide a contact number in case they need to be warned about possible Covid-19 infection case;

●      During the event, it is mandatory that all participants practice correct hand and respiratory hygiene as instructed at the event. We ask that you secure yourself a face mask. For updates on COVID-19 related travel restrictions when travelling to Latvia, please view here

Enjoy the live feed and good luck to the Athletes, Organisers, Technical Officials, and of course the volunteers.