Swim and run to victory in Bratislava

By Paul Groves | 25 Apr, 2017

The ETU Aquathlon Championships take place this year in the beautiful setting of Bratislava. If you have never been, then really think about putting this in your diary. A fascinating city with a perfectly-preserved old town full of secrets and surprises.

With its own dedicated airport, or the sometimes cheaper option of flying to Vienna and taking the short train journey, this is a season-opener and a chance to represent your country. The venue is just south of the city and close to the Danube.

Saturday 27th May will see the medals being presented and there will be Elite, U23, Junior, Para and of course, Age Group champions being honoured.

It was a clean-sweep for the Ukrainian Elite Men in 2016 but where will the medals go in 2017?

The swim takes place in Lake Draždiak, famous for its crystal-clear waters.

The run, an out and back course along a small tributary of the Danube will bring the athletes back to the main venue for the finish.

Supported by the Slovenská triatlonová únia, the Race Director is Michal Varga, brother of Richard Varga, who knows a bit about swimming and running, as the winner of the 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2015 ITU Aquathlon World Championships.

For the Elite, there is of course Prize-Money.

  • 1st. 900 EUR
  • 2nd. 750 EUR
  • 3rd. 600 EUR
  • 4th. 450 EUR
  • 5th. 300 EUR

For the Age Group athletes, there is the delight of wearing your national uniform and being in with a chance to being crowned European Champion.

Check the Athlete Guide for further details and if you have not yet entered, there’s still time. Bratislava; it is really so close.

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27 May, 2017 • event page
Results: Elite Men
1. Richard Varga SVK 00:28:13
2. Márk Dévay HUN 00:28:38
3. Domen Dornik SLO 00:28:45
4. Sergiy Kurochkin UKR 00:28:50
5. Sylwester Kuster POL 00:29:00
6. Michał Oliwa POL 00:29:05
7. Alexis Kardes FRA 00:29:13
8. András Czigány HUN 00:29:20
9. Gaspar Riveros CHI 00:29:22
10. Jakub Powada CZE 00:29:22
Results: Elite Women
1. Hannah Kitchen GBR 00:32:11
2. Romana Gajdošová SVK 00:32:18
3. Zsanett Bragmayer HUN 00:32:30
4. Jana Jirouskova CZE 00:33:47
5. Tereza Zimovjanova CZE 00:33:55
6. Margaryta Krylova UKR 00:34:12
7. Aleksandra Sikora POL 00:34:24
8. Ipek Oztosun TUR 00:34:35
9. Cindy Pomares FRA 00:34:38
10. Inna Ryzhykh UKR 00:34:41
Results: U23 Men
1. Márk Dévay HUN 00:28:38
2. Michał Oliwa POL 00:29:05
3. Alexis Kardes FRA 00:29:13
4. Frantisek Linduska CZE 00:29:40
5. Nathan Tweedie GBR 00:29:45
6. Luka Paliska CRO 00:30:05
7. Lukas Cervenka CZE 00:30:29
8. Ivan Menshykov UKR 00:30:35
9. Julian Demyanov UKR 00:30:41
10. Urh Klenovšek SLO 00:30:42
Results: U23 Women
1. Romana Gajdošová SVK 00:32:18
2. Zsanett Bragmayer HUN 00:32:30
3. Tereza Zimovjanova CZE 00:33:55
4. Margaryta Krylova UKR 00:34:12
5. Aleksandra Sikora POL 00:34:24
6. Ipek Oztosun TUR 00:34:35
7. Maryna Sokolova UKR 00:34:48
8. Vira Sosnova UKR 00:34:54
9. Klaudia Sebők HUN 00:34:54
10. Alicja Ulatowska POL 00:35:12