Set your mind to something else

By Paul Groves | 27 Mar, 2020

The impact of COVID-19 is far greater than any of us could have imagined but as we look around the various Social Media feeds, it is clear that many of you have adapted your training patterns to include innovative indoor sessions that you have then shared on-line.

As you push the watts on the bike, as you click away the kms on the treadmill, as you pull hard on the swim cords, or as you count down the repetitions on the weights you are using, some of you will no doubt be relying upon music to get you through the long sessions and others will be allowing their minds to wander freely in that special area we keep for the long sets.

Why not use the time that has been given to you to think outside the box? The name on the cheque could be yours in 2021.

ETU Executive Board Member, Martin Breedijk has a message for you:

Now is the time to set your mind to something else

Dear members of the European Triathlon family,

We are all going through a very difficult and challenging period, not only related to triathlon but to our whole life. In most countries it’s now impossible to do what we love to do most, train outside. Of course, we all understand that these measures need to be taken as the public health of the whole community is also our biggest concern. Therefore, we all stick to the current rulings and try to make the best of it with inside and alternative training.

Nevertheless, most likely you still have times where you wonder what to do. Here is one idea which might help to find a meaningful way to spend your time and at the same time being able to make a contribution to our sport when we, hopefully in the near future, return to normal. Take a look at this article and send in your application for our ETU Innovation Award 2020. The competition is open for all triathletes with a license with their respective national federation and you can send in an innovative idea on any kind of aspect of our sport. The more details you can provide, the better the jury will be able to judge your idea. So start your creative, and most preferably sustainable, brain working from now on.

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