Registrations for European Duathlon Championships progressing well

By David Peddie | 18 Feb, 2014

The European Triathlon Union (ETU) and International Powerman Association (IPA) are delighted with the early registration for the 2014 European Long Distance and Sprint Distance Duathlon Championships.

This unique joint event, now in its third year, is held at Horst aan de Maas and combines the European Long Distance and Sprint Distance Duathlon Championships in a thrilling festival of duathlon.

The number of registrations for this year has already surpassed last year’s total, which has thrilled Powerman CEO John Raadschelders.

He said: “We are very happy with the registrations so far with over 500. Many athletes have used our early bird offer and there is still time to take advantage of this up until 28th February. After that, the race fee will increase by 20€.

“I encourage all athletes and National Federations to come to Horst and experience our fantastic event.”

Raadschelders confirmed that some changes have been made to the course at Horst, particularly on the 20km bike loop which has been added to the Sprint course.

The European Long Distance Duathlon Championships is a 15km run (6 laps)/ 60km bike (3 laps) /7.5km run (3 laps) course through the streets of Horst and is open to Elite athletes and Age Groups.

The European Sprint Distance Duathlon Championships is a 5km run (2 laps)/ 20km bike (1 lap)/ 2.5km run (1 lap) course and is open to Elite athletes, U23, Paraduathlon and Age Groups.

For more information on the 2014 European Long Distance and Sprint Distance Championships and registration information visit

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Results: Elite Men Long Distance
1. Rob Woestenborghs BEL 02:43:34
2. Kenneth Vandendriessche BEL 02:44:54
3. Yannick Cadalen FRA 02:45:19
4. Benjamin Choquert FRA 02:46:04
5. Søren Bystrup DEN 02:47:43
6. Glen Laurens BEL 02:48:40
7. Yohan Le Berre FRA 02:49:25
8. Evert Scheltinga NED 02:49:37
9. Matt Moorhouse GBR 02:50:18
10. Esben Kaczmarek DEN 02:50:31
Results: Elite Women Long Distance
1. Jenny Schulz GER 03:03:54
2. Sabrina Monmarteau FRA 03:08:23
3. Susanne Svendsen DEN 03:08:50
4. Isabelle Ferrer FRA 03:08:50
5. Katrin Esefeld GER 03:11:35
6. Heleen Bij De Vaate NED 03:11:38
7. Lucie Van Genugten NED 03:12:31
8. Lina-Kristin Schink GER 03:13:05
9. Caroline Dubois FRA 03:14:21
10. Carla Van Rooijen NED 03:16:57
Results: U23 Men Sprint Distance
1. Alberto Della Pasqua ITA 00:54:46
2. Emile Blondel FRA 00:54:51
3. Lorenzo Ciuti ITA 00:55:28
4. Dario Chitti ITA 00:56:01
5. Mark Hamersma NED 00:56:13
6. Ruud De Rybel BEL 00:56:31
7. Maxim Subbotin RUS 00:56:52
8. Juul Van De Kruijs NED 00:57:09
9. Anton Melnikov RUS 00:58:19
10. Igor Ostrovskiy RUS 00:58:24
Results: U23 Women Sprint Distance
1. Giorgia Priarone ITA 01:00:02
2. Pien Keulstra NED 01:01:44
3. Krystsina Rulkevich BLR 01:09:35
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