Ranking ETU Next Generation Challenge (status 02/10/2020)

By Amé Venter | 05 Oct, 2020

The ETU Next Generation Challenge was set in place in order to preserve the motivation, health and esteem of our youth and junior athletes. It consists of a physical test that include a 400m swim and a 3000m run. These disciplines are classic indicators of an athlete’s aerobic capacities.
The aim of this challenge is to give our youth and junior athletes a clear performance focus in a very unclear and uncertain times.

It is week three of the challenge and the result show that the idea is starting to gain momentum. We are pleased to share the results with you for the last three weeks.

Here you can find the results as of 2 October 2020 - Male
Here you can find the results as of 2 October 2020 - Female

At the moment there are results from Italy, Austria and Great Britain and Denmark. We remain optimistic to see a huge number of athletes in the virtual ranking as the challenge develops.

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