Paratriathlon World Titles up for grabs in Rotterdam

By Olalla Cernuda | 13 Sep, 2017

The Paratriathlon season is just about to end with six world crowns up for grab for men and another six for women in the ITU Paratriathlon World Championships in Rotterdam. In the first season after Paratriathlon debuted in the Paralympics in Rio, and the first one with the World Paratriathlon Series going on, more than 160 paratriathletes will take the stage in Rotterdam on Friday at 9 am.

PTWC Men’s Preview

Local crowds will have two local heroes to cheer for in the Men’s PTWC event. Geert Schipper, silver medallist in the inaugural Rio 2016 Paralympic triathlon, has completed a sensational season, with a win in Yokohama and Edmonton World Paratriathlon races. On his side, current winner of the Rio Paralympics gold medal, Jetze Platz, who also won the 2017 ITU World Paratriathlon race in Gold Coast, the 2017 European Championships and the 2016 World title in this same venue, Rotterdam.

Along with them, some other big names will complete the starting list, with Brazilian Fernando Aranha, Italian Giovanni Achenza or Japanese Jumpei Kimura vying for a spot on the podium.

PTWC Women’s Preview

Seven athletes will be competing for the World title on the Women’s PTWC class, with Australian Emily Tapp, Spaniard Eva Maria Moral Pedrero and British Jade Jones being the big favourites for the podium. While Tapp won in Edmonton and Gold Coast 2017 World Paratriathlon races, as well as the Magog Paratriathlon World Cup, Moral won the Altafulla World Cup and the European Championship this season.

PTS2 Men Preview

Bronze medallist in Rio Paralympic Games, Mohammed Lahna –currently racing under ITU flag- will be among the ones to watch in Rotterdam, a course where he earned the silver medal in last year’s world championship. But Frenchman Stephane Bahier, who won in Gold Coast early this year, or American Mark Barr will surely put up a great show.

PTS2 Women Preview

The Americans come really strong on the Women’s PTS2 class, with Allysa Seeley and Hailey Danz among the favourites for the race. They both earned gold and silver medals, respectively, at the 2016 Paralympic Games, and are more than willing to repeat in the podium. Seeley won the first two World Paratriathlon races of the season in Gold Coast and Yokohama, but then she had to take some time off due to an injury. Danz, on her side, earn silver on her two World Paratriathlon events of the season, Yokohama and Edmonton, and she also won the USA Paratriathlon National Championships.

Other names to watch for are Liisa Lilja (NOR), Rakel Mateo Uriarte (ESP) or Jukako Hata (JPN).

PTS3 Men Preview

Spaniards Joaquin Carrasco and Daniel Molina, who have shown this season their strength and have been on a great number of podiums. But used to the podium are as well Ryan Taylor (GBR) and Justin Godfrey (AUS).

PTS 3 Women Preview

Only four women will race on the PTS3 category, with Anna Plotnikova (RUS) being one of the favourites, but worth mentioning as well Elise Marc (FRA), who has earned this season several podiums.

PTS4 Men Preview

One of the most crowded races of the day will be the PTS4 Men, with 11 athletes taking the stage and a very open field. Among the candidates to fight for the world title, Alexis Hanquinquant (FRA), Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (ESP) or Hideki Uda (JPN).

Americans Joel Rosinbum and Jamie Brown, both with great results this season, will be among the contestants, as well as Brazilians Jorge Luis Fonseca and Marcelo Collet.

PTS4 Women Preview

If the three women taking the start on the PTS4 class cross the finish line, we will have a podium. It will be between Sally Pilbeam (AUS), Patricia Collins (USA) and Mami Tani (JPN) to see the colour of the medal they will earn.

PTS5 Men Preview

Some of the Paralympic stars in Rio de Janeiro 2016 will take the stage to fight for the World title on this class, with Spaniard Jairo Ruiz as one of the favourites. Ruiz won this season two Paratriathlon World Cups, and is in a great shape for the Rotterdam Grand Final.

Along with him, Frenchman Yannick Bourseaux, the oldest paratriathlete competing, will be trying to repeat the podium he earned last season, as will be Paralympic gold medallist Martin Schulz, or Canadian Stefan Daniel.

PTS5 Women Preview

Gold medallist in Rio, Grace Norman is one of the favourites for grabbing the world title in Rotterdam on the PTS5 class, even though she will have some fierce competition with Lauren Steadman (GBR), Gwladys Lemoussu (FRA) and Kate Doughty (AUS).

PTVI Men Preview

American Aaron Scheidies has won every single race he has participated in since 2016, including the World Championships and Edmonton 2017 World Paratriathlon Series. But he and his guide will have to put up a fight against Spaniard Hector Catala, who has had a solid and fruitful season to grab titles in Altafulla World Cup and Soria Duathlon European Championships.

Local paratriathlete Daniel Kegt will also try to push for an spot on the podium, along with Dave Ellis (GBR) and Gerrard Gosens (AUS).

PTVI Women Preview

After a disappointing fifth place in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and a fourth place in last year’s world championships, Spaniard Susana Rodriguez will try to get on the podium to complete a round season, where she has finished between the first three positions on all races she has started.

Paralympic bronze medallist Melissa Reid (GBR) will most likely be among the podium athletes, as will be Paralympic gold medallist, Australian Katie Kelly.

Parathletes will cover a sprint-distance course featuring a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike and 5-kilometer run. A free finish-line livestream will be available at and the World Triathlon Facebook page and fans can also follow the action live on Twitter at @TriathlonLive.

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14 - Sep, 2017 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Vincent Luis FRA 01:51:26
2. Kristian Blummenfelt NOR 01:51:28
3. Mario Mola ESP 01:51:36
4. Javier Gomez Noya ESP 01:51:41
5. Jonathan Brownlee GBR 01:51:52
6. Richard Murray RSA 01:52:06
7. Pierre Le Corre FRA 01:52:31
8. Joao Pereira POR 01:52:32
9. Andreas Schilling DEN 01:52:33
10. Thomas Bishop GBR 01:52:34
Results: Elite Women
1. Flora Duffy BER 01:58:39
2. Katie Zaferes USA 01:59:34
3. Jessica Learmonth GBR 02:00:57
4. Kirsten Kasper USA 02:01:29
5. Joanna Brown CAN 02:01:47
6. Ashleigh Gentle AUS 02:02:00
7. Rachel Klamer NED 02:02:09
8. Jodie Stimpson GBR 02:02:20
9. Summer Cook USA 02:02:30
10. Jolanda Annen SUI 02:02:43
Results: U23 Men
1. Raphael Montoya FRA 01:51:28
2. Dorian Coninx FRA 01:51:32
3. Luke Willian AUS 01:51:48
4. Shachar Sagiv ISR 01:51:59
5. Antonio Serrat Seoane ESP 01:52:22
6. Léo Bergere FRA 01:52:48
7. Gordon Benson GBR 01:53:08
8. Jonas Schomburg GER 01:53:15
9. Sylvain Fridelance SUI 01:53:32
10. Delian Stateff ITA 01:53:34
Results: U23 Women
1. Tamara Gorman USA 02:05:21
2. Melanie Santos POR 02:05:37
3. Sophie Coldwell GBR 02:05:51
4. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 02:06:16
5. Julie Derron SUI 02:06:34
6. Leonie Periault FRA 02:06:44
7. Zsanett Bragmayer HUN 02:06:51
8. Cassandre Beaugrand FRA 02:07:04
9. Sian Rainsley GBR 02:07:11
10. Vittoria Lopes BRA 02:07:17
Results: Junior Men
1. Matthew Hauser AUS 00:55:54
2. Vasco Vilaca POR 00:56:22
3. Ben Dijkstra GBR 00:56:35
4. James Chantler GBR 00:56:41
5. Vetle Bergsvik Thorn NOR 00:56:43
6. Barclay Izzard GBR 00:56:44
7. Csongor Lehmann HUN 00:56:50
8. Endre Espedal NOR 00:56:57
9. Javier Romo Oliver ESP 00:57:00
10. Simon Westermann SUI 00:57:12
Results: Junior Women
1. Taylor Knibb USA 01:01:22
2. Kate Waugh GBR 01:01:38
3. Fuka Sega JPN 01:02:05
4. Therese Feuersinger AUT 01:02:24
5. Hannah Knighton NZL 01:02:24
6. Olivia Mathias GBR 01:02:42
7. Lena Meißner GER 01:02:55
8. Desirae Ridenour CAN 01:03:02
9. Hye Rim Jeong KOR 01:03:05
10. Kira Hedgeland AUS 01:03:15
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