Nordic titles to be decided this weekend

By Paul Groves | 30 Aug, 2017

For many years now, Fredericia has been the home for triathlon in Denmark. This coastal town has hosted long distance events and world championships and this year will be the venue for the Nordic Championships.

   “2016 was a great success – now we’re aiming higher!”

So says the LOC and for a start they are moving the venue slightly to bring it closer to the city centre. The swim will be located in the calmer waters of a quay, moving away from the big open seas and this way, they hope to attract even more spectators.

There is the title, there are the points and then there is the prize-money.

The title can only be given to the winner if they come from the Nordica Nations but, with athletes from all over the world racing, this could be quite a challenge.

The points are up for grabs and this is where close attention will be paid to the ETU Rankings Series.

This is the status of the Women’s Rankings as of 14th August.

Below, you will see the Men’s Ranking Status.

The prize-money is good too:
Distribution of prize money:

  • 1. 1500 $
  • 2. 1250 $
  • 3. 1000 $
  • 4. 750 $
  • 5. 500 $

To be raced over the Sprint Distance, the race has attracted an interesting field and in the build up to Rotterdam this event could be a good test of fitness for the big one in a few weeks’ time.

Amongst the women, the clear favourite will be Sweden’s Amanda Bohlin, who won here in 2016. She has been absent from racing this year and so it will be interesting to see if the rest has helped her. She will be up against the exciting racing style of Denmark’s young but hugely talented athlete, Sif Bendix Madsen. Silver medal-winner in the ETU Kitzbühel Junior Championships, gold with the winning team in the Mixed Relays and then gold in Holten, she is the one that the local cheers will be loudest for. Watch out too for Belgium’s Charlotte Deldaele. Points and prize-money may go her way but the title is not for her, due to the geographical location of Belgium.

19 athletes from 7 nations, with the biggest team coming from Denmark.

Check out the start list here.

The Men’s race sees 40 athletes on the start list, representing 7 nations but with one athlete having made the massive journey from Argentina. Joined by a few Canadians’ this is a great chance for the host nation to show just how good life can be in Fredericia.

Back to defend his title is Andreas Schilling. He has raced solidly this year and has delivered some good results on the circuit, with a top ten finish last weekend in Stockholm. He really is the man to beat at this race. Up against him will be last year’s 6th placed athlete, Ludwig Fleetwood. A busy year behind him, he will be hoping that this race goes his way.

For a full start list, please click here.

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02 - Sep, 2017 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Andreas Schilling DEN 00:54:01
2. Gabriel Sandör SWE 00:54:45
3. Miki Taagholt DEN 00:54:58
4. Andreas Carlsson SWE 00:55:26
5. Nicklas Røssner DEN 00:55:32
6. Henrik Klemmesen DEN 00:55:58
7. Eirik Ravnan NOR 00:56:31
8. Emil Holm DEN 00:56:42
9. Oscar Gladney Rundqvist DEN 00:56:53
10. Valdemar Solok DEN 00:57:04
Results: Elite Women
1. Amanda Bohlin SWE 01:01:47
2. Sif Bendix Madsen DEN 01:02:01
3. Edda Hannesdottir ISL 01:02:19
4. Anne Holm DEN 01:03:29
5. Anastacia Damm DEN 01:04:14
6. Charlotte Deldaele BEL 01:04:21
7. Sophie Fischer GER 01:04:44
8. Pernille Thalund DEN 01:04:57
9. Augusta Grønberg Christensen DEN 01:05:21
10. Pernille Linder Christensen DEN 01:05:52