National Federations–have you got your entries in ?

By Paul Groves | 02 Apr, 2015

Duathlon Fans – are you doing the double ? National Federation, have you entered your teams ?

April has arrived. The sun is supposed to be shining and we are all looking forwards to the warmth of the summer months after a long winter.

For some, the focus will be swim / bike / run but for others it will be run / bike / run. Duathlon is not an easy option and with off-road options available we are seeing an increase in popularity in all distances.
Sprint, standard and long-distance and even the mighty Zofingen event with it massive climbs and tough run courses are waiting for athletes to sign up.

First up this year on 11th & 12th April will be the 2015 Horst ETU Powerman Long Distance and Sprint Duathlon European Championships. With a change from the old course Horst will see medals decided over the long distance for Elite, Para and Age-Group athletes.  The first run will be 10 km (4 laps), then 60 km bike (3 laps), and a final 10 km run (4 laps). Horst, as a Powerman City will also host the Sprint Duathlon European Championships for Elite and U23 athletes. This will be over a shorter distance of Run 5 km (2 laps), bike 20 km (2 laps), run 2.5 km (1 lap).

The duathlon focus then moves to Spain where medals will be decided over the weekend 25th & 26th April amongst the Elite and U23 and Age Group athletes over the Standard Distance, for the Juniors, Para-Athletes and Age Groups over Sprint Distance and finally the fast and furious Elite and Junior Mixed Team Relay.

It will be a busy weekend in Alcobendas where the LOC has worked well with the city to deliver a full programme of races, will culminate in the visually exciting relay races. Every time the relay medals are raced for we see the athletes going just that bit faster; just that bit harder to make sure that their team, their country, gets maximum benefit from their hard work.

There is still time for national Federations to enter their teams for the relays and with the massive amount of athletes from all over Europe this will really be a showcase finale to the weekend. If you want to race for the share in gold, silver and bronze in the Mixed Relays, the LOC needs to know. Point of contact for the event is

All athletes in the Alobendas event will receive a rather special souvenir. What is this going to be ? Well, the announcement will be made on Monday but inside information says it will be pretty good. In addition you can pre-order a commemorative T-Shirt that will have all the competitor's names printed on it.

Long, Standard and Sprint distances over two weekends. Will there be any athletes racing at both events ? If we find any it would be great to run an article about their motivation.

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25 - Apr, 2015 • event pageall results
Results: 16-19 Female AG Sprint
1. Amy Chalmers GBR 01:08:45
2. Amber Westron GBR 01:10:29
3. Diana Chalmers GBR 01:13:00
4. Irene Serrat Seoane ESP 01:14:53
5. Kathryn Hewitt GBR 01:24:33
DNF. Jemima Walker GBR DNF
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Tom Stead GBR 00:56:22
2. Lewis Champion GBR 00:57:45
3. Finn Barnes GBR 00:58:04
4. Nathan Veall GBR 00:59:08
5. Charlie Passfield GBR 00:59:54
6. Paul Davis GBR 01:00:59
7. Joseph Alexander GBR 01:01:05
8. Martin Brooks GBR 01:03:05
9. Harry Pink GBR 01:03:11
10. Arturo Chueca Esteruelas ESP 01:04:31
Results: 18-19 Male AG
1. James Kershaw GBR 02:09:16
2. Benjamin Hindley GBR 02:10:58
3. Jordan Boam GBR 02:24:31
Results: 20-24 Female AG
1. Yasmin Chaudhri GBR 02:42:34
Results: 20-24 Female AG Sprint
1. Natalia Fischer Egusquiza ESP 01:07:46
2. Lidia Duran Cabanillas ESP 01:10:03
3. Cordelia Parker GBR 01:10:53
4. Lydia Newton GBR 01:11:32
5. Mª Leonor Fernandez Velez ESP 01:23:47
Results: 20-24 Male AG
1. Philipp Schwarzl AUT 01:59:05
2. Francisco Cendan Llorens ESP 02:04:03
3. Barney Palmer GBR 02:05:40
4. Zachary Pywell GBR 02:07:43
5. Carlos Leon Castaño ESP 02:10:15
6. Pablo Marcos Pazos ESP 02:11:37
7. Javier Garcia Lopez ESP 02:11:44
8. Vicente Agusti Valls ESP 02:12:28
9. Marcelo Mochon Puertas ESP 02:13:38
10. Javier Cabrejas Bascuñan ESP 02:17:46