ITU increases points allocation for Continental Cup Races

By Paul Groves | 25 Dec, 2016

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Following input from ITU, a more detailed explanation of the changes is now provided.

Ian Howard has provided the ETU Executive Board with an important update that has come just in time for Christmas.

“ITU increases points allocation for Continental Cup races

The ITU has increased its points list allocation for Continental races reflecting the quality of these races and their role as a stepping stone for athletes building to the highest level of elite competition.

Whilst these points are won in Continental (in our case ETU) competitions, they have international (ITU) application and enable athletes to build up points to qualify for World Cup and World Triathlon Series competitions.

The winner of an elite ETU Continental Cup race will in future earn 300 ITU points. In the past it had been 250. The first 30 athletes instead of 20 will score points and each place will receive more points than before.

It is noteworthy that the ETU Championships at standard and at sprint distance are worth an even higher 400 points for male and female athletes with now a maximum 50 athletes to score. This year they take place in June in Kitzbühel and Düsseldorf respectively.

Additionally the U23 and Junior Continental Championships have doubled their ITU points, which will help young athletes to get on the elite pathway.

Last but not least the deeper quality of field factors will help the strong Continental Cup events to provide even more points.

The ITU points list scoring events and the points allocated to them are as follows:

A maximum of twelve eligible events count towards the annual ITU Points List. The best six results are taken from scoring events in the last 52 weeks and the best six from the previous 52 weeks. In the case of the latter, the value of the points is one third of those allocated at the time.

A list of all scoring events for the ITU Points List can be found under Events on the ITU website. The main role of the Points Lists is to determine the start lists for the various events on the ITU and Continental calendars.

A great season of competition is in store for our athletes!

Footnote: There is a second points list called the ITU Continental Points List which can also be found on the ITU website. The qualifying events for this list are exclusively ETU Continental events, which take place within Europe and these range from the European Championships at standard distance and sprint (maximum 600 points each) to an individual National Federation’s own National Championships (maximum 100 points). The maximum points allocation for a standard Continental Cup race remains unchanged at 250 points. For Premium events the maximum is 400 and for the Final 600.

A list of all ETU scoring events (except for National Championships) can be found on the ETU website under Events.

The highlights of the season, and those carrying the highest points, will be the European Championships at standard and sprint distance in Kitzbühel and Düsseldorf respectively in June and, at the end of the season, the Cup Final in Melilla.

A great season of competition is in store for our athletes!”

So, with your new 2017 you can start booking into the races. See you there!