It’s Tiszi Weekend

By Paul Groves | 21 Jul, 2017

Yes folks, this weekend it is the truly iconic festival of triathlon in the most famous triathlon location in Hungary (some might say in Europe and certainly there are some that will say the World). It is the weekend where Elite and Juniors get to race in Tiszaújváros.

This year there is a World Cup for the Elite and for ETU we have the Triathlon Junior European Cup.

Click here for the Athletes’ Guide.

As in previous years, the format follows a two-day competition with the Semi-Finals on Saturday and the Finals on Sunday. The event is part of the week long triathlon festival, called TriWeek.

The athletes will race firstly a 2-lap, 500m swim course, then a 2-lap 12k bike course to finish with a 2-lap 3.3k run course. Most likely it will be a non-wetsuit swim so we will be given the chance to really follow the athletes over this short course.

The whole event is designed to suit the athletes and to create a great show for the spectators, who will be able to watch the athletes for the whole swim and then, on the flat and fast bike, they can watch from a number of locations around the course. The same goes for the run.

Sunday will see the finals, which will be almost the same, with a 500m / 12.5k / 3.6k course.

Who will be there?

A massive line-up for the women will certainly have the local crowds cheering. Athletes from the Youth Festival will be there, looking to improve their performances in front of the appreciative crowds and with 15 nations, including visitors from outside Europe (Australia, Canada and South Africa) the event is going to be followed around the world.

2016 medal winners.

The men’s race is equally impressive, with 19 nations represented and of course, such is the popularity of this event that we have guest from Australia, Chile, Mauritius and South Africa. So many names and so many potential winners for both men and women, we can expect some truly exciting racing.

2016 medal winners.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 30+ range so the crowds will be out. Tiszi – always welcomes. Tiszi always delivers.

For the full start lists, please click this link.

We will aim to provide updates for both days, so keep checking the ETU Facebook Page

We have just been notifed that the Junior Race can be followed on the ITU Triathlon Live page

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22 - Jul, 2017 • event pageall results
Results: Semifinal 1 Junior Men
1. Callum McClusky AUS 00:36:51
2. Cameron Harris GBR 00:36:58
3. Elai Izhak Chaski ISR 00:36:59
4. Javier Martin CHI 00:37:03
5. Botond Karai HUN 00:37:03
6. Youri Keulen NED 00:37:05
7. Leon Pauger AUT 00:37:06
8. Endre Espedal NOR 00:37:10
9. José Vieira POR 00:37:17
10. Nitai Mayo ISR 00:37:22
Results: Semifinal 2 Junior Men
1. Gergő Soós HUN 00:36:54
2. Tiago Fonseca POR 00:37:03
3. Diego Moya CHI 00:37:05
4. Henry Räppo EST 00:37:07
5. András Kanyik HUN 00:37:14
6. Balázs Kovács HUN 00:37:19
7. Liam Sproule AUS 00:37:20
8. Botond Józsa HUN 00:37:21
9. Birk Skogland NOR 00:37:28
10. Gergely Kiss HUN 00:37:39
Results: Semifinal 3 Junior Men
1. Tjebbe Kaindl AUT 00:36:34
2. Ricardo Batista POR 00:36:35
3. Vetle Bergsvik Thorn NOR 00:36:36
4. Csongor Lehmann HUN 00:36:41
5. Jamie Riddle RSA 00:36:50
6. Yoav Avigdor ISR 00:36:53
7. Zsombor Dévay HUN 00:36:55
8. Niek Heldoorn NED 00:36:59
9. Yuval Eventom Hadash ISR 00:37:00
10. Levente Karai HUN 00:37:11
Results: Semifinal 1 Junior Women
1. Sophie Alden GBR 00:41:56
2. Kristina Jesenska SVK 00:41:57
3. Hannah Henry CAN 00:41:58
4. Ronnie Zawlik ISR 00:42:00
5. Lili Mátyus HUN 00:42:03
6. Ilka Jakab HUN 00:42:05
7. Valentina Riasova RUS 00:42:08
8. Rita Fardilha POR 00:42:17
9. Nikolett Ferenczi HUN 00:42:18
10. Milan Agnew AUS 00:42:21
Results: Semifinal 2 Junior Women
1. Desirae Ridenour CAN 00:41:26
2. Dorka Putnóczki HUN 00:41:27
3. Sára Szegedi HUN 00:41:32
4. Olivia Mathias GBR 00:41:35
5. Shanae Williams RSA 00:41:39
6. Dóra Rojik HUN 00:41:39
7. Gabriela Ribeiro POR 00:41:42
8. Celia Merle FRA 00:41:42
9. Hagar Cohen Kalif ISR 00:41:45
10. Fanni Soós HUN 00:41:46
Results: Junior Men
1. Csongor Lehmann HUN 00:37:39
2. Ricardo Batista POR 00:37:46
3. Gergő Soós HUN 00:37:46
4. Yoav Avigdor ISR 00:37:57
5. Callum McClusky AUS 00:38:09
6. Zsombor Dévay HUN 00:38:16
7. Henry Räppo EST 00:38:18
8. Niek Heldoorn NED 00:38:21
9. Tjebbe Kaindl AUT 00:38:25
10. Endre Espedal NOR 00:38:32
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