It has begun - welcome to Geneva !

By Paul Groves | 09 Jul, 2015

This weekend, Geneva has come alive with swim, bike, run fever.

The venue is built.

The systems are all working.

While the LOC have been furiously working away to ensure that everything goes like clock-work (well, it is Switzerland) the Technical Officials have had many briefings to ensure that they are all prepared and they have checked in the 800+ bikes. 800+, that's for just one race. The LOC is anticipating over 2,000 athletes will compete for medals and a further 500 will participate in the Open Race

The Age Group Sprint athletes have racked their bikes.

The Parade of Nations has made its way along the closed roads close to the swim start.

The Alpine horns have welcomed everyone to the Opening Ceremony and ETU President, Renato Bertrandi has declared the ETU Geneva European Championships, 2015, open.

Meanwhile, tucked away in a seminar room in the Kempinski Hotel, the Presidents and Representatives from the National Federations that make up ETU have worked their way through the Annual Congress.

With addresses from Patrick Schmid, President of the Swiss Triathlon Federation and from Marisol Casado, President of the ITU and IOC member, those attending were provided with a full and detailed account of the year's work as well as projections and plans for the future. A more detailed account will be provided later.

As is the tradition, both athletes and technical officials have sworn an oath to respect and abide by the rules in the true spirit of sportsmanship and to officiate in the Championships with complete impartiality.

A full weekend of racing will see medals presented to the Age Group Sprint athletes and ParaTri on Friday, to the Juniors and Elite on Saturday and to the Age Group Standard athletes and Elite Mixed Relay and Junior Mixed Relay on Sunday. If you are wondering about the ranking for the Elite Athletes then their allocation is based upon their performance at the 2014, Kitzbühel event (results are here)

For all the start lists, click here.

Do you want to see the race briefings for the athletes? Then click on the event website and see not only the briefings but also the athlete guides.

If you want to follow the athletes using the Datasport live tracker, then click here.

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Results: 30-34 Female AG Sprint
1. Danica Bonello Spiteri MLT 01:14:07
2. Maria Hivner GER 01:14:56
3. Céline Dupuis SUI 01:15:43
4. Margaret Seguna MLT 01:16:36
5. Claire Coey GBR 01:17:16
6. Lauraann Mcgill GBR 01:17:23
7. Holly Grundon GBR 01:19:02
8. Charmaine Sterling GBR 01:19:10
9. Paula Foley IRL 01:19:11
10. Katherine Barrett GBR 01:19:47
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Jérôme Blanc FRA 01:57:13
2. James Travers GBR 01:59:59
3. Felix Saur GER 02:00:01
4. Luca Bertaccini ITA 02:00:36
5. David Roper GBR 02:02:06
6. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 02:02:15
7. Alex Foster GBR 02:02:22
8. Urs Schiess SUI 02:03:47
9. Graham Borg MLT 02:03:49
10. Sébastien Jossi SUI 02:04:16
Results: 30-34 Male AG Sprint
1. Isacco Andrenucci ITA 01:05:44
2. Wolfgang Mangold AUT 01:07:05
3. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 01:07:06
4. Alan O'Brien IRL 01:08:43
5. Scott Wardman GBR 01:09:21
6. Djalil Baiou GBR 01:09:46
7. Thomas Winkelmann GER 01:10:03
8. Grant Ormerod GBR 01:10:20
9. Andrew Bedford GBR 01:10:21
10. Francois Fontaine FRA 01:11:03
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Franzisca Widmer SUI 02:11:15
2. Sylvia Gehnböck AUT 02:13:16
3. Franziska Fleck GER 02:14:03
4. Gunhild Berntsen NOR 02:18:59
5. Anja Kobs GER 02:19:10
6. Rachel Beck SUI 02:19:44
7. Alys Mathew GBR 02:20:54
8. Karen Lennox GBR 02:21:29
9. Ellie Astins GBR 02:21:39
10. Dominique Lothaller AUT 02:21:52