Great day at the races in Geneva

By Paul Groves | 10 Jul, 2015

It has been a long Day at the Races here in Geneva but what fantastic weather and what fantastic performances we have seen.

For the spectators, family members and supporters it was a great atmosphere.

The finishing touches were being made to the finish area as the Age Group athletes made their final preparations. Over 800 Age Group athletes raced the Sprint Distance. With the water at 19.2C, wetsuits were optional.

Wave after wave of athletes made their way from the exclusive beach to the swim exit 750m away. A long run to T1 was captured by local TV channel, Léman Bleu and it was really an impressive sight to see them running into Transition with the mountains and with the famous Jet d’Eau in the background.

A tough, very tough bike course came as a bit of a shock for some as their legs began to cramp out on the 5k run.

Medal after medal was won, cheers echoed along the finish area as the spectators filled the grandstands and all available areas. 

Léman Bleu broadcasted live to the spectators using the big screen and out on the course a professional team of cameramen worked with the athletes on the bike and run to show Age Group racing at its best.

Team Managers were happy with their team’s performance and none more than Dawn Vaughan, with her massive GB Team that certainly delivered the results she had hoped for. After the medal Ceremony, all she could say was, “My amazing team GB! 5 Gold 8 Silver 7 bronze. So proud I could burst!”

Check here for the full results.

After just a short break it was time for the ParaTri to start. The swim exit handlers were in position as 70 athletes from 16 nations started their journey to the finish line.

Last minute preparations were made in the Transition Area before they headed down to the swim start.

Press from all over Europe were there to record this great race.

They took a different course to the AG athletes and were able to exit close to the finish and close to their long Transition Area on the Quai du Mont Blanc. The bike course, 19.8k, was along the flat and avoided the huge climb that the AG athletes had struggled up and finished with a 5k technical run and a finish below the Transition Area.

Once again we were treated to great live TV coverage from Léman Bleu who send images directly to the large screen.

The races were won and then, with hundreds of spectators filling the grandstand area, the medals were presented.

The full results can be seen here

It all starts again tomorrow, Saturday with the Juniors and Elite.

Thank you Geneva, bon soir ! A demain!

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09 - Jul, 2015 • event pageall results
Results: 30-34 Female AG Sprint
1. Danica Bonello Spiteri MLT 01:14:07
2. Maria Hivner GER 01:14:56
3. Céline Dupuis SUI 01:15:43
4. Margaret Seguna MLT 01:16:36
5. Claire Coey GBR 01:17:16
6. Lauraann Mcgill GBR 01:17:23
7. Holly Grundon GBR 01:19:02
8. Charmaine Sterling GBR 01:19:10
9. Paula Foley IRL 01:19:11
10. Katherine Barrett GBR 01:19:47
Results: 30-34 Male AG
1. Jérôme Blanc FRA 01:57:13
2. James Travers GBR 01:59:59
3. Felix Saur GER 02:00:01
4. Luca Bertaccini ITA 02:00:36
5. David Roper GBR 02:02:06
6. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 02:02:15
7. Alex Foster GBR 02:02:22
8. Urs Schiess SUI 02:03:47
9. Graham Borg MLT 02:03:49
10. Sébastien Jossi SUI 02:04:16
Results: 30-34 Male AG Sprint
1. Isacco Andrenucci ITA 01:05:44
2. Wolfgang Mangold AUT 01:07:05
3. Thomas Thalhammer AUT 01:07:06
4. Alan O'Brien IRL 01:08:43
5. Scott Wardman GBR 01:09:21
6. Djalil Baiou GBR 01:09:46
7. Thomas Winkelmann GER 01:10:03
8. Grant Ormerod GBR 01:10:20
9. Andrew Bedford GBR 01:10:21
10. Francois Fontaine FRA 01:11:03
Results: 35-39 Female AG
1. Franzisca Widmer SUI 02:11:15
2. Sylvia Gehnböck AUT 02:13:16
3. Franziska Fleck GER 02:14:03
4. Gunhild Berntsen NOR 02:18:59
5. Anja Kobs GER 02:19:10
6. Rachel Beck SUI 02:19:44
7. Alys Mathew GBR 02:20:54
8. Karen Lennox GBR 02:21:29
9. Ellie Astins GBR 02:21:39
10. Dominique Lothaller AUT 02:21:52
Results: 35-39 Female AG Sprint
1. Sylvia Gehnböck AUT 00:20:16
2. Elizabeth Bullivant GBR 00:20:13
3. Franziska Fleck GER 00:20:03
4. Rachel Beck SUI 00:20:29
5. Anja Kobs GER 00:19:37
6. Gayle Vickers GBR 00:21:45
7. Sally Baldwin GBR 00:20:21
8. Emma Robinson GBR 00:20:28
9. Kelly Weall GBR 00:20:39
10. Sara Eames GBR 00:21:27
Results: 35-39 Male AG
1. Chris Standidge GBR 02:00:28
2. Olivier Oesterle FRA 02:01:07
3. Richard Munday GBR 02:02:40
4. Daniel Künzi SUI 02:02:50
5. Martin Welti SUI 02:04:25
6. Pete Shuttleworth GBR 02:05:15
7. Stefan Leitner AUT 02:05:18
8. Michael Dalmasso FRA 02:05:38
9. Nicolas Debons SUI 02:05:39
10. Chris Randall GBR 02:05:47
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